Nerd Infinite Launches!

Nerd Infinite Launches!

“Nerd Infinite is a brand new movie/television website focused on the stories we love and the technology we use to experience them.  Every Story.  Every Screen.”

…  We stole that sentence from our About page which you can find here.  It contains the EXACT site description above plus 312 different ways you can contact us including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more!

If you want, you can read a little more about our story here.  It’s a solid 4/10 so we highly recommend reading!  But we understand that people lead busy lives so here’s a brief summary to save you some time:

We love great stories and we operate under the assumption that you do too!

So…  Here we are…  Finally live on the world wide web of internet pages!  You asked for a tour right?  Great.

There are two main sections of Nerd Infinite:

Section 1: The Blog

Our blog is full of columns, countdowns, features and more.  We cover movies, television, new media and all the technology we use to consume the stories we love.

Check out the very latest here.

Section 2: Nerd Infinite Extra

Our Extra page is home to various things we consider awesome.  These shorter posts contain trailers, short films, cool links from around the web and much more!

As part of our launch we are proud to introduce the first annual September Short Film Showcase which you can learn all about here.

Check out Nerd Infinite Extra here.

Our Mission

When it comes to the success of this site, we’ve decided to aim juuuuuuust above terrible with every intention of reaching adequate within 12 years!  Basically, we are ambitious and we’re ready to entertain! However, to quote Garth…  “We just hope you don’t think it sucks.”

If there is anything else you need to know about the site we encourage you email or tweet @nerd_infinite (We promise to answer your questions within our standard 9 month waiting period)


We LOVE Seinfeld!

If you do as well we’ve included 24 minutes of bloopers from season 8 because…  Why not!?  No more questions!

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