Nerd Infinite Turns One!

Nerd Infinite Turns One!


Nerd Infinite turns one today!  One year of movies, television, video games and more!  One year writing about our favorite stories and the technology we use to consume them.

To celebrate, we have a big month of articles planned.  First up, The September Short Film Showcase is back!  Starting today, we will feature a different short film every day.  30 days.  30 short films!

Star Trek celebrates it’s 50th anniversary on September 8th!  For the last few months, JB has been counting down the best episodes and moments from all of the series/movies.  It all leads up to a brand new series debuting on the 8th!

We will also be featuring some of the best of Nerd Infinite Year One including original features, countdowns, reviews and more.  In between you’ll find all of our regular posts and features when big news breaks!

As for Year Two? We have a ton of new content planned including more movies, television, video games, technology and, of course, Seinfeld!

Just because we can here’s a Seinfeld moment we love:

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