Overdue Game Review – Doom (2016)

Overdue Game Review – Doom (2016)

STORY: 7.5/10
MUSIC: 8.5/10


What do you really need to know about the concept? I could elaborate on the story and tell you how you’re ultimately trying to close a direct portal to Hell, etc…but anyone who is a video game fan knows who and what Doom is all about: first person shooter – kill the bad guys. Done.

I’ll be straight up, I never played Doom back when it came out in the early 90’s. (I DID however, play it’s clone and predecessor: Wolfenstein 3D.)

Even still, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the job Doom (2016) did in honoring & tipping their cap to the original. iD Software and Bethesda Softworks absolutely nailed it in this category. What else did they excel at?

…basically the entire game as a whole. The visuals, music, player interaction & choices – all top notch. Other games need to take a page out of Doom’s playbook, because they made all the right decisions. I shall elaborate…

This game does the right thing in listing at the start of every level exactly how many collectibles there are, and what kinds of collectibles you need to be looking for. In addition, as the story progresses and you gain more and more abilities, these hidden collectibles start to become visible on your map. Now the map is still vague enough to make you work for it, but nevertheless, you have an idea. How many times have you played a game where you are looking for that one last item, and you wish you had SOME kind of clue or a map to help? I mean, how many people are going to jump across that chasm, turn left after the second rock, walk the tight-rope to the rooftop and open the third window on the right and look under the pillow on just a HUNCH? Doom WANTS you to find these items – as many of them help improve your character – so they aren’t afraid to throw the player a bone.

Want to know what else they did right? You know that game where you didn’t find the collectible on the fourth level and you can’t go back and now you have to wait until you finish the game, start a whole new campaign, and work your way ALL the way back to get it just to get 100% on your list and the achievement? Well, Doom has your back there as well. If you missed something, no problem! You can go back and replay the mission without any consequences to your current playthrough or story. And as an added bonus? All those upgrades and weapons you earned up to level 8, you can TAKE THEM BACK WITH YOU to level three to find what you missed. How great is that?? Why can’t more games be like this? Yes, some games are worth going back and playing through a second, third time and you can find what you missed. But then again, some aren’t! With no interest in having to go all the way back and start again, your achievement meter will forever sit at 96% and you’ll be left thinking “what if”.

Another point awarded to Doom.


I’ll remember how smooth the gameplay was and the great nods to the original. I know I’ve already mentioned that, but it can’t be helped.

Among the things you can choose to find in each level, one of the most rewarding things is the secret rooms. What makes these rooms so fantastic is that they are sections of levels from the ORIGINAL Doom. When was the last time you played the original Doom? I’m willing to guess it has been a long, long time – and stepping into these rooms is like going back in time. It is a pure nostalgia moment, and it is damned fun. But it doesn’t end there: once you find these rooms, it also simultaneously unlocks the entire Doom level that room originated from, and you can access it and play through the menu.

Why aren’t more games doing this? If a game is a remake or a continuation of a series that originated in the ’90’s, why not add that to the new game’s content? The amount of space a game from twenty years ago would be minuscule to the size of today’s game, so disc space wouldn’t be a problem.

It was a great call, and a nice thanks to the fans.



Heck, there is an entire multiplayer mode and “snapmap” (where users can build and play their own designed maps) mode that I haven’t even touched. With different difficulty levels for the campaign, there is always the option of playing on a harder mode for more of a challenge. For those days where you just want to run around and beat up on some demons and not worry about too much else – Doom will be there for you.


Doom is definitely one of the better shooter games I’ve played.

Power ups, armor & weapon upgrades, and multiple challenges for each level keep the game fresh and on your toes. Toss in all the great extras they added, some fantastic, pulse-pounding music, and you’ve got yourself a top-rated game that is sure to please.

Can we please get a sequel?!

(8.5/10 E’s)


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