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Overdue Game Review – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Overdue Game Review – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

STORY: 8/10
MUSIC: 10/10


Yes, there may be a bit of bias going on here due to a love of the 80’s genre, but don’t let that sway you from the opinions on this game. It is a very fun experience.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is my first plunge into the Far Cry series. I had always seen ads for Far Cry (and quite often for Blood Dragon), but never tried it out until recently. And now I’m wondering why the heck I waited as long as I did.

To fully appreciate what this game is going for, one has to be a fan or at least be familiar with movies and their stereotypes from the 1980’s. The ridiculous dialogue, the cliche’s, the unique vision of what the future would be like during that time. This game encompasses all of these things. It is an open world, first person shooter packed with action and entertainment. And a soundtrack that is brilliantly done and perfectly captures 1980’s action.

True, the basics of the game may get a little repetitive, but there are enough things to do on the side to keep you interested in moving forward and upgrading your character. A character that is voiced by Michael Biehn, known best for his roles in Terminator and Aliens. Two essential 1980’s action movies.


As I’m sure will be noted in the ratings at the top of the page, the soundtrack is (I think) outstanding. To the point where I’ve got a copy and listen to it separately from the game. With hints of the Terminator music in there, guitars shredding in the background and a powerful synth presence, it quickly rose to one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time.

The other very important thing I will always remember and what acted as a hook early on was the humor located within the story, and during in the tutorials in the early levels. It’s one thing to have fun while playing a game, but to do so while laughing will always give it that extra notch above other games that may be missing the humor element.



While I unlocked every achievement there is in the game during the first playthrough, this game is too much fun not to play again down the road. The perfect blend of action, music and humor is too much to pass up. There are some weapons I barely even used during my initial run that I’m looking forward to using the next time around. The cutscenes are also worth repeat viewings, with some great voice acting supporting Biehn.


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon immediately catapulted itself to my upper level of favorite games for its humorous take on the first person shooter, set in a 1980’s landscape. Load screens, collectibles, even some of the animals are all opportunities for a laugh, and nothing should be overlooked. White the gameplay got repetitive at times, and not enough campaign missions could be a knock, I still hold out hope that one day a follow-up will be made which will be just as fun to play as this one was.

Bring back Rex “Power” Colt for more!

(8/10 E’s)


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