Overdue Game Review: Red Dead Redemption

Overdue Game Review: Red Dead Redemption

STORY: 9/10
VISUALS: 7.5/10
MUSIC: 8/10
GAMEPLAY: 8.5/10


Boy, did this take the gaming world by storm when it came out in 2010.

As soon as Red Dead Redemption was released, it was automatically the best game ever set in the “wild, wild west”.

Taking on the character of John Marston, you begin the search for members of your old gang in hopes of bringing them to justice. Specifically, you are looking for Bill Williamson (now the leader of his own gang), and it’s a long road (sometimes literally) to get to where you want to go. This third-person fully interactive open world game is full of side missions, challenges, and beautiful landscapes that will keep busy for hours on end.

Now don’t get us wrong by our score; the graphics for this game (at the time) were outstanding. And if this had been written back in 2010, the rating would have been higher. Being where we are so many years later however, one has to keep things in perspective. (We’ve seen what’s coming for Red Dead 2, and it looks gorgeous.)

That still doesn’t put down in any way the scope and variety of things to see and do in the first game. You truly do get to live in this characters boots for quite some time, and his journey is great one.


How this game imitates “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” when it came to the ending……..s. All you have to remember is this: It isn’t over until the credits roll.

Now that isn’t meant to put down all the exciting things it takes to get there. Riding my trusty steed over the countryside at sundown makes for some beautiful visualizations. The characters and dialogue were crafted and executed perfectly, right down to the voice-acting. I’ll also never forget the journey over the border into Mexico, with a lyrical song in the background to accompany me. Nice touch, Rockstar Games.


It has taken some time (over 6 years), but yes: I picked it up and played it again.

Even after all those years, playing it a second time is still great fun. You forget all the little things, as well as how funny some of the characters are. There is even a zombie-mode that I have yet to try, so bring it on!

(One downside upon replaying: the lack of efficient fast traveling available for every destination throughout the map. To play it the first time is one thing, you don’t want to miss anything. A second? I just want to get to where I’m going without having to ride for over five real-time minutes.)


Picking this game up again in anticipation of Red Dead Redemption 2 was a great call. I had purposely avoided playing it a second time for a while, in part because of the sheer size of the game. There are so many things to do (some of them tedious), that the idea of replaying it all again seemed rather daunting.

Going through it a second time however has only increased my appreciation for the game and what it must have taken to put something like this together. I’m still impressed with the amount of mini-games located within, and can only imagine the amount of time people have spent playing horseshoes or poker.

An all-time top 10 game as far as story goes, Red Dead Redemption will always be a classic.

(8.5/10 E’s)


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  1. RDR is a very Popular video game and now going to release its new game RDR 2. RDR game has very good story-line. I give 9 points to its story from out of 10.

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