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Overdue Game Review – Star Wars Battlefront

Overdue Game Review – Star Wars Battlefront

MUSIC: 7/10


I have to admit, after seeing the above teaser trailer, I was pumped for “Star Wars Battlefront”.

I had actually played the previous two games in the series on original Xbox years earlier and recalled enjoying them immensely. Unfortunately – I can’t say I enjoyed this Battlefront nearly as much.

Now don’t get me wrong – Star Wars has never looked better in video game form. The ships, the vehicles, the environments were all stunning and in great detail. However, perhaps I’ve grown over the years as a gamer, but I found I just didn’t have the interest nor the endurance to play (basically) the same scenarios over and over again. There is no campaign mode. There ARE training missions which are actually quite fun (taking down an AT-AT on Hoth and piloting a speeder on Endor at high speeds were highlights) but other than that, everything is pretty similar, which translated into boredom.


Loading screens.

I don’t know if it was a weaker connection, if it was because I was on one gaming platform and not another, but for whatever reason I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at loading screens.

Also – dying. A lot. This I will attribute to the style of multiplayer game it is. Here’s why:

Like some multiplayer games today, it is rank based. If you want the better weapon or an advantage, you have to earn it by playing in enough battles to increase your rank that in turn earns you credits that you can spend on your gear. Now, it takes a LOT of hours of playing to rank up and unlock enough weapons and accessories to be really competitive. And this is the issue that I have – combining newbies with veterans of the game on the same map. The game pits someone who has every advantage possible playing with someone who is loading it up for the first time. If there had been different skill levels available, or even the old Halo-based “ranked” and “social” playlists, I would have been more inclined to keep playing.

Unfortunately this is not the case, and as a result the one thing you really need to be armed with to be competitive is patience.


Probably not. I was disappointed in much of the multiplayer experience (save for Fighter Squadron – brought those old “Tie Fighter” for PC skills back!), and even though they are continuing to expand the game regarding locations, types of play – it’s just not enough to hold my interest.

If there were to be a follow up and there is a good campaign mode with a solid story? Well, we could be on to something…


The game isn’t exactly tailored to the casual fan, whom given the chance could become a hardcore fan and really get into the game. If you have a lot of time set aside and don’t mind going through the growing pains of ranking up to really to be competitive, then this is totally for you.

Regardless of my experience with the game though, it is great to finally see Star Wars back in the video game landscape.

(4/10 E’s)


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