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PS4 Pro, Mario on iOS, Nintendo NX, iPhone 7 & Custom PC Builds!

PS4 Pro, Mario on iOS, Nintendo NX, iPhone 7 & Custom PC Builds!

Nintendo!? Are You Breaking Up With Me?

Nintendo!? Are You Breaking Up With Me?

Casting The Mass Effect Movie

Casting The Mass Effect Movie


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Technology is inspiring.  If you love movies, television and video games there is nothing better than consuming your favorites on an amazing device.  It’s the reason we started Nerd Infinite.

Every Story.  Every Screen.

State of the art smart phones, cutting edge televisions, next generation video game consoles.  Laptops, tablets, periferals, overclocked PC’s, streaming services, online content platforms…

I need a minute…

I’m obsessed with all of them!  Days like Tuesday September 7th, 2016 don’t come along often but the anticipation and speculation is always insane.  On this particular day, Apple was slated to announce their new line of iPhones along with a few other surprises.  Not to be outdone, Sony was set to reveal a more powerful version of their extremely successful PS4.  (Currently outselling Xbox One at nearly a 2:1 rate)

Before the conferences began, I officially began hunting for components for my first custom PC build!  As a giant nerd, you can imagine how excited I was.  Whenever new technology is unveiled I can’t sit still.  There is always the possiblity for something revolutionary to happen.  I get the same feeling whenvever a big show like E3 or San Diego Comic Con comes along.  Anticipating ‘BIG Reveals’ is an addiction every nerd shares.

XTRA | Top 15 Moments: E3 2016

When new technology comes along, the world’s best storytellers find new ways to tell incredible tales.  To me, evolving technology also represents an evolution of the modern storyteller.

So how did September 7th stack up?  Is the future of storytelling changed forever now that the dust has settled?  In a word, no…  But that doesn’t mean my Super Nerd Day wasn’t exciting nonetheless!


I’m a PC guy at heart but Apple products have definitely taken over my home.  iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, iMac.  They are all work together seamlessly and I’m always excited to see what Apple will come up with next.  (No iPad Pro 2 announced! Biggest disappointment of the show I think.)

However, I can’t justify getting a brand new iPhone every year.  I’m perfectly happy with my 5S and I plan of holding on to my carrier upgrade until the last possible second.  But I’m happy to cave if Apple released something I absolutely HAD TO HAVE.

iPhone 7 had a chance but I’m not ready to abandon my 5S just yet.  Honestly, it feels like Apple has found their sweet spot for phone size and features.  Now it’s all about refining the design.  iPhone 7 is a gorgeous device and I definitely want one.  But they could have called it an iPhone 6S-2 and I would feel the same.  It has all the usual improvements (battery, camera etc…) but phones are expensive these days.  I may wait for the 7S…

For me, the biggest moment of the event was seeing Shigeru Miyamoto on an Apple stage!  Super Mario is coming to iOS!

I’m a lifelong Nintendo fan boy yet my relationship with the big ‘N’ took a hit when they announced the Wii U.  I’ve had some fun moments with the system but it was clear from day 1 Nintendo realized they made a mistake.

Now we are getting a sense of a completely revamped Nintendo.  In a way, I’m actually thankful for the Wii U’s quick demise.  Nintendo is about to show their cards and detail their vision for the future of video games.  First they announced mobile games featuring their biggest franchises.  Recently, they unleashed a ton of announcements for the 3DS.

Now it’s time for the big guns.  The NX.  The top secret device rumored to be a handheld/home console hybrid.  In addition to a new console, Nintendo must also get the messaging right when it comes to 3DS and Wii U owners getting left behind.

But it’s September…  The NX is rumored to be released in March 2017.  We are getting dangerously close to a delay.  If they announce the console within the next few weeks that gives them less than 6 months to promote and release a major console.  Nintendo has to get this right or the NX could be their final console release.

Franchises like Mario, Zelda, Metroid and more can surivive and thrive outside of the Nintendo ecosystem.  Mobile gaming could prove that there is no need for a Nintendo console if they concentrate on making great games.  After all, the Super Mario Run reveal automatically makes it the most anticpated mobile game of all time. (In my opinion…  Sorry Pokemon Go)

Is it possible that releasing Super Mario Run on mobile bolstered by a strong fall 3DS lineup will help ease fan hype for NX?  Will they delay the console?

Just announce the damn thing already Nintendo!  I want to know what it is, what it does, how much it costs and when I can buy it NOW!


I’ve never owned a Playstation.  As a big video game fan I’m fully aware this is unacceptable.  I grew up with one console per generation.  It’s not easy to purchase all three and I’ve always been a Nintendo guy.  Eventually, I added Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One along the way.

It’s not that I don’t want a Playstation 4…  It’s just hard to sell to my wife that I absolutely NEED three consoles…  But I do want one…

I just need a really good excuse and value for my money.  I thought the PS4 Pro could be the excuse I needed to jump on board.  Forgive the pun but I was actually excited to swim in ‘Uncharted’ waters…  We invested in a 4K TV for Christmas and I’m desperate for a fantastic machine to show it off.

As I mentioned above, I already own an Xbox One.  Investing in a Scorpio next year is a tough sell since all the games will work on my existing Xbox.  BUT buying a more powerful PS4 makes perfect sense.  Or does it?  Sony’s Playstation Meeting was kind of a boring mess.  The PS4 Pro is aptly named as it is clearly aimed at the hardest of the hardcore.  The video game fans who want smooth frame rates, dynamic color and faster processing.  I’m interested in all of that but I expected… More power?  Does that make sense?

I’m more interested in the cheaper, slimmer model now.  Sony just didn’t do enough to convince me that I needed a PS4 Pro.  The event was disappointing overall.  I was expecting something that was technically astounding.  What we got was…  Just okay…

If anything, the PS4 Pro reveal brought me back to the morning of September 7th.  Before Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage.


I’m a professional editor and I work a lot of late hours.  My wife is always sleeping when I get home so I usually sleep a few hours in our spare room before our daughter wakes up.  There’s no cable in the spare room.  So I depend on Netflix and YouTube to help me sleep.

My latest obsession?  Watching people put together amazing computers.  It makes me feel like I can do it myself even though I’m terrified to do so.

My current PC is a Dell I purchased about 5 years ago.  Currently, it’s a coin flip if it will even turn on in the morning.  I’ve been shopping around for a replacement online but I want my new PC to be…  Better… I want a ‘reasonably’ epic machine that can play games with enough power to edit video, graphics and more in my home office.  I’ve never had a… ‘reasonably’ epic state of the art PC.

The PS4 Pro reminded me that high end graphics is already possible on high end PCs.  So instead of spending 400 on a PS4, why not put that towards a brand new Intel i7 processor, a GTX 1080 graphics chip or a kick ass M.2 SSD drive?

I spent the morning of September 7th touring every computer retailer I could find.  I spoke to people and had quotes made for a custom build with room for expansion down the road.  Now…  Not everyone has 2000-2500 to buy a PC outright.  My original plan was for payment plans etc…  That gets even more expensive when you factor in fees and interest.

Now?  I’m thinking about buying parts here and there and building up my system over the next few months.  Eventually, I’ll have to pay someone to put it all together  (I’m a nerd but I’m not a professional nerd) but I can’t wait to start collecting the perfect parts within my budget.

I may not have purchased anything yet, but shopping for new computers is a fantastic way to spend a sunny morning.  Especially with two huge press conferences on deck for afternoon entertainment.

September 7th was a day off well spent.  I didn’t buy a thing but somehow, I feel like I did.  Up next, Nintendo’s big NX reveal, New York Comic Con, Playstation Experience, Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and more!


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