Questions About The New ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Trailer

Questions About The New ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Trailer

QUESTION: Why am I not excited beyond belief after watching this trailer?

Here’s the thing…  I’m excited beyond belief for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  But this trailer was…  just okay…  However, I think I’m guilty of expecting it to be absolutely mind blowing.  Perhaps part of my impossible expectations included a glimpse of this guy:

I suppose it’s understandable.  It is a teaser trailer after all.  But still, I have high hopes the final act will feature Darth Vader’s full power on display.  It’s time to truly put the prequels behind us and reestablish why Vader is one of the coolest cinematic villains of all time!  Speaking of prequels…

QUESTION: Will Rogue One: A Star Wars Story break the Star Wars prequel curse?

It doesn’t matter if you loved or hated the prequel trilogy.  We all knew Anakin was going to turn to the dark side.  We knew Palpatine would become emperor and command a grand army of clones etc…  We knew who would and wouldn’t survive.  It took a lot of the suspense out of those films.

Rogue One is set before the events of A New Hope.  The story centers around stealing secret plans for the Empire’s first Death Star.  A mission we already know is a success.  However, Rogue One is comprised of an entirely new cast.  Many of them will die to ensure the plans make it to the Rebels.  And that’s what sets this prequel apart from the others.  It’s an unpredictable prequel.

PREDICTION: Felicity Jones’ bad ass character Jyn Erso will survive and she will appear in Star Wars Episode IX.

QUESTION: Who would win a fight between Jyn Erso and Rey? (Before The Force Awakens in Rey of course)

Moving on…

Let’s talk about the fantastic references including younger versions of Mon Mothma (great casting) and (presumably) Wilhuff Tarkin?  (Or is that another Grand Admiral?  Whoever Ben Mendelsohn is playing) We get money shots of Star Destroyers and a legion of AT-AT’s in what looks like a Star Wars Battlefront match come to life!

It will be interesting to see how far Rogue One will go with the references.  The prequels REALLY forced characters like C-3PO in the mix.  I’m hoping director Gareth Edwards shows restraint and allows this tale to exist within the universe instead of bending the plot to accommodate it.

THE BIG QUESTION: Will Disney's Star Wars Spin Off Strategy Backfire?

Absolutely not.  Disney has showed tremendous patience with Marvel’s cinematic universe allowing the right people to develop amazing stories for their fans.  The team behind the updated Star Wars canon has been given the same space and freedom to create unique and memorable tales.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice proved you can’t rush a shared universe and Disney has mastered the long game.

So no…  The strategy won’t backfire.  It’s Star Wars.  It may not break the same records Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens did but it’s Star Wars!  A new and different vision of Star Wars with grittier battles and a smaller scale.

This trailer may be a tad disappointing to me but Disney took the same slow approach to it’s Episode VII marketing campaign.  (Those trailers were on another level though…)  In the end, I should be thanking them for holding back.  Is this the best trailer I’ve ever seen?  No.  But it doesn’t have to be.  The BIG moments are coming and I can’t wait to see Rogue One one the big screen!

FINAL QUESTION: How amazing was the altered and haunting Star Wars score in this trailer!?

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