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Quick Take on Super Troopers 2 Trailer!

Quick Take on Super Troopers 2 Trailer!

In my humble opinion, Broken Lizard’s best work was the original Super Troopers. Beerfest had some moments, same with Club Dread – but nothing has come close to the brilliance of Super Troopers.

When there had first been talk of a Super Troopers sequel YEARS ago, the first thought was: why? What could they possibly do that would top the first one? How many comedy sequels do you know that were better than the original? Anchorman 2 was terrible…The Hangover follow-up’s paled in comparison to the first…why? Why go there? (Besides the obvious: dollar signs.) Comedy sequels are essentially just a re-hash of all the jokes from the first one.

Unfortunately, my stance on that hasn’t changed. Having seen the latest trailer for Super Troopers 2  I’m intrigued, but my expectations are VERY low and I feel I know exactly what I’ll be getting. I like that they got Brian Cox back, but I’m wondering if the Canadian twist is going to get stale real quick. Here’s hoping Will Sasso is more involved than the trailer leads on!

Super Troopers 2 comes out April 20th.

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