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Ranking The First 6 American Horror Story Opening Titles

Ranking The First 6 American Horror Story Opening Titles

American Horror Story is back!

There has always been at least one thing you can count on with each new season of AHS: a disturbing, jarring, visually stimulating and always unique opening title sequence. Much like the James Bond films, the opening credits are as distinctive as the movies themselves. A sharp eye could point out which James Bond movie it is based on the opening alone. The same can be said for American Horror Story.

With the seventh season of AHS starting up, (entitled Cult) this felt like a good time to rank the first six opening title sequences to come before it. This list by no means represents the opinion of the season itself, merely a ranking of least favorite to favorite openings.

Here are the first 6 American Horror Story opening titles, ranked.

6. Roanoke

Okay, so remember that whole thing about how you can always count on a new, creepy title sequence with each new season of American Horror Story?

Yeah, that actually didn’t happen with Roanoke. The sixth season of the anthology show took a completely different approach, and as a result the credit sequences that we’ve come to know and love didn’t exist. Instead we were left with a title card.

(Just one of MANY shortcomings of this particular season. In my humble opinion.)

5. Murder House

Murder House was the first season of AHS, and obviously their first crack at the opening.

With audience’s having never before seen what American Horror Story is all about, this credit sequence no doubt was very effective when it first premiered. Unfortunately, (well…fortunately would be more accurate) they have gotten better and better over the years and that is why the Murder House opening has fallen so low on the list.

Old photographs can sometimes be pretty freaky, especially when you have some of the subjects shown below. What becomes more disturbing is: what exactly is in all those jars?

4. Coven

Coven deals mostly in witches, and there is definitely a voodoo flavor to these opening titles.

Splicing together the shots of the the dolls being sewn up with shots of human flesh was a nice touch. Any idea what the heck that thing is in the woods with the wings? The spiked…facial….jewellery also raises eyebrows.

3. Asylum

In AHS’s sophomore season the opening sequence ramps up the creepiness factor.

People tend to fear the unknown, and an asylum is filled with just that. The mind is capable of so many things, which can sometimes manifest itself some disturbing behavior. Asylum certainly capitalizes on that, and you can see it in the opening titles. One thing the Murder House titles lacked was actual people. Here, we see plenty of them – often in the shadows.

Just make sure to keep your eye on that statue at the end…

2. Hotel

Well…it will be hard to look at hotel mattresses the same way ever again.

There is some freaky things happening here, and they certainly aren’t shying away form the use of blood. Lots of blood. Hotel wasn’t afraid to up the eroticism in this season either, and that theme continues in the show’s opening. The quick cuts of the Ten Commandments are a nice touch, and are relevant to the story – they aren’t just there for effect.

1. Freak Show

Aside from Roanoke, this may be the biggest deviation from the American Horror Story opening titles.

There is no flesh and blood here, it’s all shot in the style of stop-motion animation. And it’s tremendously effective. Since no real people are being used, they were able to create the subjects of these titles in any way they wanted. That opened up the door for more a more creative approach, and the ability to be able to exaggerate certain features or characters. Add to that is the creepy clown factor, which has been a horror staple for years.

Even the music is a little more subdued, taking on more of a circus feel and not so in your face as it has been in previous seasons. It’s a nice touch.

What do you think, did we get it right? Where will Cult end up on this list?

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