Read Ready Player One!

Read Ready Player One!

This novel came out in 2011, and I didn’t even know of its existence until a few years later when a friend of mine recommended it. It still took two more years after that until I finally got my hands on it and read it – and I’m glad I did.

Taking place in the not-too-distant future, the book tells the story of a young man racing to find the ultimate prize in a massive digital landscape known as the OASIS.

This landscape is almost a bit of an “escape” from the real world, as its condition has deteriorated due to human neglect, pollution and waste. People “log on” and live much of their lives as avatars in the OASIS.

If it sounds like something out of a video game, you’d be right, since that is kind of the premise and the point. Written by Ernest Cline and chock-full of 80’s pop culture references (almost to a fault), “Ready Player One” is an excellent read for video game and adventure fans alike.

If you plan on seeing the movie, I highly suggest reading the book first. You won’t be disappointed!

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