Reboot Blade On Netflix Marvel!

Reboot Blade On Netflix Marvel!

It’s one of the first big Marvel movie franchises spawning two sequels and attracting directors like Guillermo Del Toro. Blade.

With the Netflix/Marvel mashup being so successful thanks to Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher and more, I couldn’t think of a better home for the half breed vampire hunter. The Netflix series have all had a darker, more adult theme to them and Blade already has those in spades. Marvel just unleashed a fantastic second season of Daredevil with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones Season 2, a Punisher spin off and The Defenders on the way.  Throughout their partnership with Netflix, Marvel has chosen stories and characters that are grounded in the real world.

Daredevil set a pretty high standard for the Marvel TV series in terms of action, storytelling and production. There are no magic hammers or flying suits of armor to be found in these series. Just good old fashioned brawls.

Blade’s arsenal is all practical weapons.  Seeing Blade take on Dracula’s undead army in the streets of modern day New York would be nothing short of spectacular. Add in some daredevil-esque fight scenes and I’m already wondering why it hasn’t happened yet!

So who plays Blade? It’s safe to assume Wesley Snipes is out even though he has claimed conversations with Marvel have taken place. My number 1 and 2 picks are already off the board, as they already hold prominent roles in on going marvel projects; Idris Elba (Heimdall) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage). First up is Columbus Short. Instead of being one of Olivia Pope’s courtroom gladiators why not give the real thing a shot. What about Donald Glover? He desperately wanted to be Spider-man.  Marvel could reward that passion with another comic book role like Blade.

With Doctor Strange set to come out this fall Marvel is set to swan dive into the occult. Wouldn’t the half-blood hero Blade fit perfectly within this expanded world on Netflix? Make this happen Marvel!

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