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SHORT FILM: Ninja Turtles Veterans Of The Night

SHORT FILM: Ninja Turtles Veterans Of The Night

When Miguel Díaz-Rivera approached his thesis project at The Academy of Art University, he decided to pay homage the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic.  The resulting short film, Ninja Turtles: Veterans of the Night, takes place ’40 years after the war against the Foot’ and showcases the director’s unique approach to the Turtle’s mythology.

“I always wondered how the Ninja Turtles would look like as adults…  What new villains await them?  What experiences would they would have as adults?  Battle scars, losing their master Splinter, etc.”

When it came to designing the Turtles themselves, Diaz-Rivera opted for a realistic approach.

“Like humans our nose and ears never stop growing, as for turtles their shell never stops growing. I took that into consideration when designing them and that’s why their shells look big. Also you might have noticed that their heads are slightly smaller and that’s also because a turtles head is of smaller proportion than their body.”

In addition to writing, directing and editing, Diaz-Rivera also contributed to the short film’s complex visual effects shots.  A skill that affords the director complete storytelling freedom and limitless possibilities.

“The simple fact of being able to express myself and maybe inspiring someone with what I create is what drew me to the film medium. I didn’t like the idea of being limited when it came to creating stories, so visual effects help me get there and tell stories the way I want.”

Ninja Turtles: Veterans of the Night is a brilliant example of what’s possible when talented filmmakers have access to all the tools to realize their visions.  The team behind this film successfully instilled a sense of history to the Turtle’s world in a short amount of time.  That kind of storytelling precision matched with fantastic visuals is what makes a great short film so much fun to watch!

Looking for more? You can watch a complete visual effects breakdown of the short film below!

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