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Smart Channel Surfing: Must Watch & Guilty Pleasures

Smart Channel Surfing: Must Watch & Guilty Pleasures

The Must Watch List

It’s late, you’re thinking about turning in, you figure you’ll stray from watching your 6th consecutive episode of Bar Rescue and scan the guide for one last time.  DAMN!  There it is, that movie you have seen a million times, but sucks you in to watch it.  You can’t go to bed now, it’s impossible, all you’ll do is run through the lines of the movie in your head, in real time, and end up falling asleep the same time it would have ended anyways.  We all have that list, here is my “Must Watch List”

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Good Will Hunting

Not sure what it is about this movie, perhaps wishing I had that kind of “beautiful mind” type of thing going on.  Hey, I do associate with idiots though.

A Few Good Men

Finally, I kinda grow up.  Tom Cruise’s re-direct about finding the mess hall, still gets me.  Kevin Bacon got owned!

The Sandlot

Apparently I have a Peter Pan complex.  Again, another movie where the biggest concern was coming up with a sweet “burn” to throw your rivals way.  Baseball, tree houses and summertime hijinks.

The Goonies

Are you kidding me?!? Treasure hunts, pirate ships, youthful childhood exuberance!!!  Who didn’t want to be like the Goonies?

Guilty Pleasures

Stop lying to yourself, we all have them, the more you can recite word for word, yet no one knows you have seen, or even exists.  You can’t explain why you like it, or what the real appeal is, but dammit, it is a GREAT movie.

The Ladies Man

It never gained as much steam as some other SNL skits, but I always thought it was the best of them all.  Tim Meadows always gets a laugh out of me.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Yeah, that long lost and forgotten one.  I watch it all the time, because for some reason, it’s on ALL. THE. TIME.

Ready To Rumble

Yeah, a David Arquette movie.  I was in a wrestling place, and yeah, I still tune in, so sue me.  It defies any logic that the movie was even made, but that doesn’t mean I’m not too much of a clown to watch it.


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