SOLO Trailer Confirms The Movie Is Everything We Expected & That’s A Problem…

SOLO Trailer Confirms The Movie Is Everything We Expected & That’s A Problem…

It’s a Star Wars movie.  A Star Wars movie that exists and it will be released in a few months…  I couldn’t be less excited and it makes me sad.  I had hoped the trailer above would change my opinion but, other than some amazing Falcon shots, I just can’t get excited for another prequel.

To me, Rogue One gets a pass because we already knew it was a mission destined for catastrophe.  Even though it was a prequel, you still got a sense that the main characters were in real danger.  (That and the bad ass Vader scene)

SOLO is a prequel that exists purely to tick off the HAN boxes.

-Han meets chewy

-Han meets Lando

-Han gets the Millenium Falcon

-The Falcon does the Kessel Run

-Generic throwaway villain defeated

I feel like that just about sums up the film’s requisite check list.  My biggest issue with SOLO is the lack of suspense.  We already know where the story ends for nearly every major character we’ve seen before.  How can you feel danger when we already know how many stories end?

Unless, somehow, the original Falcon blows up and the actual Falcon we’ve come to love is a secret replacement Falcon?

I’m not expecting curve balls and that’s disappointing.  I don’t think they paid Ron Howard to take risks though I hope I’m 100% wrong.  I never thought there was enough story to make a Han Solo movie.  Again, I may be wrong but this trailer does nothing but confirm SOLO is a fan service prequel.  It will either fall a part or surprise.

Right now, it’s easy to predict where my money would land.  I’m officially waiting for reviews to decide if SOLO is theater worthy.  And again…  That makes me sad…

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