Spider-Man: Homecoming Is The 90s Cartoon Brought To Life!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Is The 90s Cartoon Brought To Life!

With all due respect to Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and the many animated iterations of the wall crawler, I’ve always believed the 90s cartoon series featured the best Spider-Man.  I’ve held every adaptation since my ‘after school days’ to this standard.

The 90s animated version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man was MY Spider-Man.  The show I watched after school every single day from 1994 to 1998 and beyond.  To put it into perspective, I was just turning 11 when the show debuted.  MY spider-man made jokes when he fought crime, he fought the craziest villains and he struggled with everyday life.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was close but ultimately didn’t dethrone my personal Spider-Champ.  Especially after the debacle that was Spider-Man 3…

When Sony rebooted the franchise with Andrew Garfield, they absolutely nailed the humor and playful arrogance that makes the comic book version of Spider-Man great.  But they focused too much on creating a shared universe and forgot to tell a good Spider-Man story.  The weight of their own ambition caused the series to collapse on itself when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrived.

In a way, I should thank Sony.  If they didn’t swing for the fences, Marvel would have never had the opportunity to bring Peter Parker home.  Where he belongs.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is younger than the 90s iteration of the character but that’s okay.  We need a highschool Spider-Man.  There’s plenty of time for him to make his mark at The Daily Bugle post college.  This version of Parker is an anxious highschooler and he’s dying to prove himself.  The result is an overly excited and naive version of Spider-Man that complements Marvel’s Cinematic Universe perfectly.  He brings an entirely new perspective to this ever expanding world.

After months of speculation, Marvel’s Spider-Man debuted in Captain America: Civil War.  He did not disappoint.  The nervous teen delivered in his limited screen time while demonstrating his incredible powers.  Within minutes, we all believed this kid belonged alongside larger than life characters like Steve Rogers.

Now, we finally got a trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Marvel/Sony’s first solo adventure for the rebooted…  Rebooted character.  When I watched the trailer the first time I was instantly taken back to the 90s and it felt great.  There are obvious differences between the two characters but the overall feel of THIS Spider-Man gives me hope he can be the best ever.  (Potentially)

Spider-Man: Homecoming is full of humor thanks to the amazing chemistry between Spider-Man and Tony Stark.  But that’s not what makes this trailer memorable.  It’s the awkward life of a teenage superhero that elevates this movie’s potential.  It truly is the John Hughes Marvel movie we were promised.

Every great superhero movie needs a great villain.  Marvel has long been criticized for poor third act confrontations between hero and villain.  Thin would be the word I choose to describe some of the penultimate battles we’ve seen in the MCU thus far.

However, Spider-Man: Homecoming has an ace up its sleeve and his name is Michael Keaton.  As The Vulture, Keaton looks absolutely terrifying.  I’m hoping enough time is spent developing his character as the film progresses to justify an amazing final battle.

I like the fact that Stark addresses the Avengers warning Peter not to fight The Vulture because ‘there are people that handle this’.  It’s the perfect level of exposition that fixes the problem Phase Two movies like Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier encountered.  The Avengers exist in this world.  You can’t just ignore them anymore.  As a result, we may get some key character updates and positioning ahead of 2018’s Infinity War against Thanos.  At least until Thor: Ragnarok arrives late in 2017.

I’m pretty old now in comparison to my peanut butter sandwich Spider-Man adventures in the 90s.  That’s what makes this movie special.  It has an accidental nostalgia and brings me back to simpler times when Spider-Man fought epic villains every day and bragged about it.

Will Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man be the fun 90s Wall Crawler I’ve wanted to see for decades?  In my opinion, Civil War already proved he is.  Now we’ll see if this version of the character can carry an entire film on his own.  Thankfully, he has Tony Stark and an entire universe of films to help share the load.  It gives Spider-Man: Homecoming a lighter, pressure free tone.  In that atmosphere, director Jon Watts is free to give us what could be the best Spider-Man movie of all time?

Time will tell but I think fans can all agree on one sentiment: It’s good to have Spider-Man home again.

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