Tech Titans: 10 Amazing Ultimate Setups

Tech Titans: 10 Amazing Ultimate Setups

I’m jealous of tech setups.  I can’t afford it and therefore I’m envious of the time (and money) spent building these ultimate computer and gaming systems.  Below you’ll find 10 office setups with giant monitors, blazing fast computers, the latest consoles and about a billion gadgets.

If you love technology.  You’ll enjoy these videos.

Side note…  #nerdalert

Tech Century

I love the triple monitor setup.  Wall mounted.  Very clean.  His TV isn’t enormous but can you see the border around it?  It’s barely there!


I’m not a giant fan of stacking widescreens one on top of the other but I can’t argue with his reasoning.  That computer is gorgeous.

Justin Tse

Considering this is built in his parents basement, I’d say Justin did all right with his office setup.

Mac Talks Tech

This setup crams a lot of gadgets into a tiny space yet somehow manages to hide a ton of cords, consoles and more.  That’s a sweet desk also.

Level Cap Gaming

This setup may not be the most ‘open’ and clean designs but it makes up for it with power and awesome toys.

Tech Source

Big points for color coordinating EVERYTHING.  Oh what’s this over here on the desk?  It’s just 27 amazing phones we can film with professional quality equipment.  Poker anyone?

Dom Esposito

My god I’d love an office space like this and I’m not even a YouTuber!


PewDiePie is one of the most successful online content creators of all time.  His setup isn’t the most glamorous but more than 40 million people watch his videos.  40…  MILLION!!!

Unbox Therapy

Not only is this ultimate office setup gorgeous, these videos are highly detailed going in depth with every piece of tech.


I want everything in this room.  I want a six monitor setup.  I want powerful computers powered by sophisticated servers.  I want a random cabinet full of camera equipment and cell phones.  I don’t even play guitar anymore but I want those too.  This setup is amazing for such a relatively small space.

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