Thanos Versus The MCU: 10 Fights We Can’t Wait To See In Phase 3

Thanos Versus The MCU: 10 Fights We Can’t Wait To See In Phase 3

Marvel fans have been dying to FINALLY see Thanos in action.  Will it happen in 2017?  Time will tell…  What we know for certain is the Mad Titan is coming and it will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

What will happen when he finally faces Marvel’s most powerful heroes and heroines?  We examine 10 battles we can’t wait to see below.

HONORABLE MENTION: Drax.  He wants revenge for the death of his family but he was easily brushed aside by Ronan.  Ronan WITHOUT the power stone in his possession.  However, I do hope he plays a part in the upcoming Infinity War.

10. Scarlet Witch

First up for Thanos is the Scarlett Witch.  Her powers match up well but holding her own against ‘the most powerful being in the universe’ will be tough.  Can she inflict damage?  Yes.  Especially if Thanos destroys Vision to gain the Soul Stone.

9. Captain America

Captain America’s powers don’t quite measure up to The Mad Titan’s but he makes up for it with heart.  A Steve Rogers vs Thanos fight would focus less on the battle and more on Cap’s inability to stay down.

8. Captain Marvel

At this point, it’s a safe bet we will see Captain Marvel’s debut in Avengers: Infinity War.  What better way to demonstrate her incredible powers than a matchup against Thanos?  She’s strong enough to lead the charge against him and tough enough to make a big impact in the war.

7. Iron Man

Tony Stark is just a man in a suit.  However, he’s a brilliant man in a suit.  A battle between Iron Man and Thanos will test Tony’s ability to manipulate Marvel’s big bad and ensure the fight is on his terms.  Look for Iron Man to take on a vital support role in the battles to come.

6. Vision

At this point, Thanos vs Vision is presumably a guarantee.  Vision literally embodies pure intelligence.  He isn’t going to hand it over willingly unless Thanos has some leverage?  I’d rather see a throw down.  It’ll be interesting to see how this fight plays out.  Thanos WILL gain possession of all six Infinity Stones.  Does that mean Vision loses?  Will he be the first victim of the Infinity War?

5. Doctor Strange

Like Vision, Doctor Strange safeguards an Infinity Stone (Time).  How will Thanos best Strange with so many time bending powers at his disposal?  Given Doctor Strange’s confirmed appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, I’m thinking Loki may have a part to play.  Perhaps he manages to steal the stone as a way to redeem himself for failing to secure Earth using Thanos’ Chitauri army? Regardless, Doctor Strange vs Thanos with (or without) the Time Stone is, infinitely more interesting.

4. Gamora

Gamora vs Thanos is a battle fueled by hatred.  Gamora more than likely loses a one on one battle against the Mad Titan but the emotional stakes don’t get much higher.  Thanos murdered her family and calls her HIS daughter.  In the comics, it is Gamora who manages to pry the Infinity Gauntlet away from Thanos.  Will she play a similar role in the live action adaptation?

3. Thor

Thor vs Thanos may be the one fight that happens BEFORE The Infinity War begins.  Will Thanos attack during the events of Thor: Ragnarok? If it does happen, I think it opens up a world of possibilities.  Having Thor fight Thanos first (and lose) will give us an inevitable rematch to look forward to the following year.  Thor matches up extremely well with Thanos and he comes to fight armed with more knowledge of the universe than all of Marvel’s heroes combined. (With respect to Doctor Strange and The Vision of course.)

2. Hulk

The big one.  The matchup we all want to see.  The Mad Titan vs The Incredible Hulk.  Unstoppable force vs Immovable Object.  The idea of the movie’s score dropping out as Hulk stands before Thanos gives me chills.  This is one face off well worth the decade+ wait.  The only battle I’m anticipating more?

1. Thanos vs Everybody!

It’s bound to happen…  The 1 on 1 battles will result in little hope of defeating Thanos.  So it will be all hands on deck.  Earth’s mightiest heroes AND our favorite heroes from across the galaxy versus Marvel’s big bad.

I thought the airport fight in Captain America: Civil War was epic.  I can’t even imagine the scale of a battle featuring so many heroes.

Thanos vs. Everybody may not happen the way I picture it in my mind.  But the idea of a dozens of heroes fighting one godlike villain would be absolutely incredible.  Marvel is just crazy enough to do it too.

Regardless of how the BIG battle plays out, the wait for Thanos is almost over!

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