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The Alien: Covenant Trailer Does Nothing For Me

The Alien: Covenant Trailer Does Nothing For Me

I’d consider myself a rather large fan of the Alien movies. (Well….the ones that count. The first two.) Prometheus was alright, but clearly had some issues. As for the Alien vs Predator flics, I’ll come clean and say I have a soft spot and rather enjoy those as well.

With all that being said, I thought I’d be more excited about the Alien: Covenant trailer. However, as it stands I’m left feeling rather underwhelmed.

For starters: Is this a continuation of Prometheus? If it’s not why does it appear that David is part of this new crew? Where is Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus if it is? I’m confused.

Yes, there are ways to look into these questions. But if you’re just a casual fan, I’ve got to think you’re wondering the same thing. And confusion isn’t good for promoting a movie.

Besides all the questions about timelines and what’s a prequel/continuation of what, how about just the trailer itself. It seems like any other trailer for a sci-fi horror movie we’ve seen before.

(Let’s be honest: any sci-fi horror movie with handful of crew members that is stranded in space while fighting a terrifying threat is basically trying to recreate what Alien first did so perfectly back in 1979.)

Based on what we see it looks like Alien: Covenant is taking the Force Awakens-route and is just rehashing the original film it is based upon, with updated effects and slightly modified ideas. For horror fans I totally see the appeal. But for the Alien franchise fans there doesn’t appear to be anything NEW to this movie so far. The only thing I was left curious about was…….how will Danny McBride fare in a more serious role? (If he is indeed going to be a serious character and not just the funny guy of the crew?)

I need you to do better, Alien: Covenant!

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