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The Best Video Game Freak Outs Of All Time!

The Best Video Game Freak Outs Of All Time!

Sometimes, when you’re bored, you just have to watch people throw remarkable fits of rage.  In particular when the aforementioned fits are related to video games.  Gamers can be angry people.  We’ve all thrown controllers from time to time.  I can admit to it.  However, I’ve never let anger take hold of me like this!

Below you’ll find a giant collection of Video Game freak outs from around the web.  I included a few of my favorites below as well!

Note: It goes without saying these people throw out some crazy language.


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Greatest Freak Out Ever

It may be ‘fake’ but it’s a damn good fake.  Understanding what’s at stake is key.  I’ve never played World of Warcraft but even I can sympathize with the work that goes into building up a character.  Losing that would be heart breaking.  Especially when it’s lost thanks to parental interference.

WoW Password Change

Just in case you didn’t believe me about World of Warcraft:

DDR Destruction

This guy destroys his monitor then shows off the rest of him including the hole he put in the wall with his head.

The Lawnmower

I hope this is real because it would be devastating to lose that many games at once.

The Call Of Duty Freak out

Obviously this kid is angry.  Personally.  I’m disappointed.  His video game setup is the worst!  No couch?  Awkward TV placement.  Feng Shui bud!

Professional Video Game Rage

Even the pros get a little… unhinged…

Rooster Teeth Rage Quit

From Superman with love you son of a bitch!  Be sure to check out all of Rooster Teeth’s Rage Quit videos.  They are outstanding.

XTRA | Rooster Teeth Documentary: Let’s Play Live


Leeroy Jenkins

How can you write a post about video game freak outs and NOT include one of the greatest YouTube videos of all time?

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