The BIG Mystery Of Transformers: The Last Knight

The BIG Mystery Of Transformers: The Last Knight

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Here’s what we know for sure about Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight:

  1. Michael Bay makes gorgeous movies with incredible visual effects.
  2. The Transformers trailers have ALWAYS been great.
  3. It’s still a toss up if The Last Knight will be…  good…

So…  While this trailer is explosive with tons of crazy shots, Autobots, Decepticons and more, I’m still skeptical that it will deliver.  So let’s go deeper than the glossy shine of the film’s visuals.

I absolutely adored the first Transformers movie because of it’s simplicity.  Since then, the film’s have continually forced connections between Transformers and humans.  Throughout our history, Transformers have influenced major events on Earth.

The Dinosaurs, The Pyramids, The Moon etc…  Coming in 2017?  King Arthur and/or Excaliber, Nazi Germany and more!

The first 30 seconds of this trailer would be a total mess if it wasn’t for the brilliant narration of star Anthony Hopkins.  His character finally promises an answer to the one question that annoys me most about this franchise:

“You want to know don’t you?  Why they keep coming here?”

I’ll bite.  This single ‘mystery’ has the potential to save the Transformers franchise for me.  Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction all failed to truly unite the series under one cohesive mythology.  We’ve established The All Poweful All-Spark, The Matrix of Leadership, a failed plan to merge Cybertron with Earth thanks to secret moon Transformers…  You get the idea…  The mythology is all over the place.

Could The Last Knight successfully tie it all together?  What is it about Earth that interests the Transformers?  Does the story go beyond Autobots vs Decepticons?  How do ‘The Creators’ factor into the tale?  When we last saw Optimus, he was leaving Earth to face them…  But it didn’t appear to go so well…

Didn’t Optimus already die and come back to life in Revenge of the Fallen?  And didn’t he already leave and come back in Dark of the Moon?

Did he reach the Creators?

I suppose the biggest question is: Why is Optimus fighting Bumblebee?

Is this a Zombie Optimus or has he been influenced by The Creators?  Is this a Megatron blackmail storyline?

The one thing we know for certain is the answers are coming…  And they better be good.  I’m more than ready for a phenomenal Transformers movie.  These films are way too cool to be wasted with convoluted plots and shameless product placements.

Bring it on Michael Bay!  I’m ready for answers.

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