The Biggest Moments From The New Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer!

The Biggest Moments From The New Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer!

As much as Director Rian Johnson advised us to stay away, it’s simply too irresistible to avoid a new Star Wars trailer!

Fans around the world will be dissecting every frame throughout the next week or so and I can’t wait to see all the theories poised to break the internet!

Let the speculation begin!

Not mentioned below?  Crazy space battles.  Crazy land battles.  The omission of Canto Bight and more!  There’s too much to dig into!

Also… What a trailer!

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Introducing The Porgs

Eat your heart out Wicket!  The latest Star Wars trailer introduces the Porgs.  A new species of adorable…  space penguins?  What is freaking out this little guy (girl?) and why is it on the Millennium Falcon?

Finn vs Phasma

Finn vs Phasma is a gorgeous moment visually but it’s also incredibly intriguing.  Why?  Because later in the trailer, Finn is clearly in the custody of The First Order.  Does he lose this encounter or is this part of his escape?  Or am I way off?  He’s wearing the same clothes!

The Fall of Luke’s Jedi Academy

It looks like we will get to see more of Luke’s Jedi Academy as Kylo and the Knights of Ren burn it to the ground.  This will no doubt be an incredibly emotional encounter between Kylo and Luke.  (I can’t believe this movie exists!)

Raw, Untamed Power Scares Luke

Episode VII built in very clear parallels between Rey and Kylo.  Will her parentage reveal why that connection exists?  Either way, it appears their connection will be central to the plot of The Last Jedi and it scares the crap out of Luke.

Supreme Leader Snoke Revealed

Finally!  We get our first real look at (non-hologram) Supreme Leader Snoke.  Right before he attacks Rey.  He.  Looks.  Powerful.

Kylo Locks Onto Leia

The most emotional moment in the trailer by far starts with Kylo locking onto a Resistance ship in his Tie Fighter.  It’s heavily suggested that his mother, Leia, is on that ship.  I’d say it’s all but guaranteed given the emotion on Kylo’s face with this finger on the trigger.

Kylo & Rey…  Allies?

Is that Rey asking Kylo for guidance? Is that Kylo reaching out his hand to Rey as if to offer guidance?

The Master of the Knights of Ren has offered to teach Rey before and the result was a nasty scar on his face.  Has she had a change of heart or is this clever editing meant to throw us off?

Either way, the ramifications of this moment will be analyzed until the film premieres December 15th!

What's Your Favorite Moment From The New Star Wars Trailer?

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