The Black Panther Movie Doesn’t Need Avengers

The Black Panther Movie Doesn’t Need Avengers

The first trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther has arrived and this movie looks gorgeous!  Set aside the story and the MCU, this movie’s visuals are absolutely breathtaking.  As a teaser trailer, this spot focuses on the technologically advanced world of Wakanda and the pressure on T’Challa to be a hero and a king.

Here’s what I really loved about the trailer.  It is Avenger-less.  Allow me to explain.  Last year, Doctor Strange took us to new dimensions.  Places no Avengers could follow and so it felt right for them to be absent.  The film was free to focus on Stephen Strange and his journey to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

This year, Guardians of the Galaxy came along.  Sure, there were no Avengers but it felt disappointing that the Infinity War story line didn’t progress.  Especially given all the connections in the Guardians franchise to the Infinity Stones, The Collector and, of course, Thanos.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is up next and there are logical connections to The Avengers so it makes sense to include Tony Stark.  Will there be more cameos?  Probably not and that’s okay.  What they have makes sense for the story.

I feel the same way about Black Panther.  The film is set in a hidden African paradise full of technology we’ve never seen before.  It’s an all new world that doesn’t need Avengers references to thrive.  In the beginning of Phase Three, Marvel gave us films that offered no good reason why the Avengers wouldn’t assemble to help.  Then we started getting films like Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War.  The age of the team up movies is here and we’re spoiled.

Black Panther shows a lot of restraint by relying on the characters instead of the universe in which they reside.  A true standalone adventure that doesn’t have to lead us to Infinity War.  Thanos has no business in Wakanda right now.  Marvel has truly learned that it’s strange when Dark Elves attack London and Earth’s mightiest heroes are no where to be found.

But I may be jumping the gun.  Captain America and The Winter Soldier have taken refuge in Wakanda.  There is room for a cameo but this movie should be about Black Panther.  It’s the reason why early films in DC’s Extended Universe have suffered critical blows.  They spend too much time world building and not enough focus is on the core story of each individual film.

That’s why it was disappointing that he didn’t pop up in a logical spot like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  It’ll be especially disappointing if he’s absent from Thor: Ragnarok as well.  That’s Marvel’s last chance to seed the upcoming clash between The Mad Titan and Marvel’s growing stable of powerful heroes.

Either way, I’m excited to see Black Panther in action again.  He was a fantastic addition to Civil War and I’m looking forward to discovering his world.

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