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The Complete 2015 September Short Film Showcase

The Complete 2015 September Short Film Showcase


[UPDATE] This is a repost of our 2015 September Short Film Showcase collection.  Click here for details on the 2016 Showcase.

Day 30!  Not only is our first annual short film showcase coming to an end but today also marks the end of Nerd Infinite’s launch month!  It’s been an amazing 30 days.  As we continue to carve out our own corner of the web, there is one thing we want to make clear: We are not finished highlighting incredible short films!

We may not be publishing a new short every day but we will continue to feature them often until our next 30 day showcase in September 2016.

We want the short film section of Nerd Infinite to become and amazing collection of short films in every genre.  We hope you enjoyed viewing the 30 projects we selected for our showcase.

You can view the event page here or watch all 30 selections using the gallery embedded below!

Thank you to all the talented filmmakers who created these brilliant short films.  Their passion is evident in every frame and that’s why we love short films so much!

We would also like to thank our partner ScreenCraft.  If you’re producing a short film, check out their short film production fund.  Your project could receive up to $20,000!  Follow them on twitter @screencrafting.

What's your favorite short film?

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