Are The Deadpool Marketing Campaigns Better Than The Movies!?

Are The Deadpool Marketing Campaigns Better Than The Movies!?

Deadpool is easily the most unique comic book franchise in existence purely because of the marketing.  No other superhero can pull off trailers like this.  No other superhero can live tweet Superbowls or take shots at celebrities online.  No other superhero can stop a trailer half way through to re-enact scenes with action figures.  All while delivering outstanding and hilarious posters, images and more.

When the first Deadpool debuted, the marketing campaign alone helped push ‘R’ rated comic book movies to the mainstream.  The campaign for Deadpool 2 is pushing the limits once again with a solid cast and equally solid promotional material.

There’s no way Ryan Reynolds isn’t having a blast coming up with fun ways to promote the film with the Deadpool team.  Whether the movie delivers or not is honestly irrelevant until it’s released.  We’ll see if it’s as good as the first film.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re getting the equivalent of short films and hilarious jokes weekly thanks to the Merc with the Mouth.  This is one blockbuster I’m okay waiting for because a long wait has never been this entertaining.

To answer the titular question of this post.  No.  The marketing isn’t better than the movie.  But it’s close.

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