The New Justice League Trailer Finally Sets The Stage!

The New Justice League Trailer Finally Sets The Stage!

I’ll be honest, the first few Justice League trailers were cool but they didn’t do a lot to promote a story.  The first comic con trailer was less about bringing the team together and more about shifting the tone of the DCEU.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice & Suicide Squad were both criticized for being too dark.  So this trailer introduced humor and the dynamic between heroes.

The next trailer strengthened the tone.  Alongside the highly successful Wonder Woman, the DCEU earned a lot of trust back among fans.  It’s unfortunate that they had to spend so much time unifying tangents set up in prior films but they accomplished a lot in a few trailers.

The time had come to focus purely on the Justice League movie!

The latest trailer will hence forth officially be referred to as Justice League Trailer ONE.  (I spelled out 1 because it looks cooler.)

DC actually managed to change the image of their extended universe with a couple of trailers and a big win in Wonder Woman.  Personally, my interest (read: curiosity) has never been higher.


Because this trailer promote an actual MOVIE!

At San Diego Comic Con 2017, DC/Warner Bros finally broke their silence and revealed their upcoming slate of films.  Gone is the speculation of turmoil behind the scenes. For example, Ben Affleck is here to stay as Batman.  Details on Aquaman, Flashpoint, Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad 2, Batgirl & The Batman gave us all a sense of relief.  There is still a great deal of confidence in the DCEU brand.

From a position of strength, DC unleashed a trailer that finally sets the stage for Justice League.  No more questions.  No more setups.  No more debating whether all the forced references in BvS will payoff.  The world is mourning the death of Superman.  The world is defenceless, hopeless.  Enter: Steppenwolf.

While we don’t get a great look at the villain, it’s clear he poses a very real threat to the Justice League.  My only real concern at this point is the inevitable return of the Man.  I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a ‘Lord of the Rings’ style random ghost army showing up to defeat evil easily at the last minute.  (Side note: Let the record show I adore LOTR so that type of plot device can work.)

Regardless of any lingering concerns, DC/WB have officially positioned Justice League as an event.  A must see film.  The only thing holding me back from full blown excitement now?

I said the same thing about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice…

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