The New Trailer For Doctor Strange Showcases Marvel’s Magic Side!

The New Trailer For Doctor Strange Showcases Marvel’s Magic Side!

It turns out, we were all looking at Marvel’s Cinematic Universe through a key hole!  Tonight, Marvel widened the hole…


I thought that would be a clever way to open this post but it’s weird in print.  It sounds a lot better in the trailer for Doctor Strange!

I thought Marvel took an interesting approach to this teaser trailer focusing more on imagery than characters and motivations.  We get visual cues of different versions of Stephen Strange in the same locations.  We get a literal kaleidoscope of Inception like transformations.  We get a multitude of mind bending landscapes and ghostly transformations.  What do we know about the story?  Not much.  It is a teaser trailer after all.  This is a Stephen Strange teaser.  I suppose we’ll have to wait to meet the Sorcerer Supreme when the first trailer arrives in a few months.

Our introduction to Doctor Strange shares many similarities with the recently released teaser for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Both are tasked with establishing new corners of their respective universes while remaining familiar to fans.  That’s not an easy task to accomplish.  This is definitely a Marvel movie but we still have a lot to learn about the world of Doctor Strange and how he fits in the MCU.

So…  Marvel…  Teach me!

Quick question…  Since they name drop Stephen Strange as a threat in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, am I correct to assume the majority of this film takes place before Steve Rogers takes down Hydra?


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