The Screenwriting Spark Relaunch!

The Screenwriting Spark Relaunch!

The Screenwriting Spark has been updated with an all-new graphic look, updated content and a brand new strategy moving forward!

First up, the new look is based on scenic locations around the world.  There is inspiration all around us and I wanted that to reflect in the new images.

The Spark will once again feature regular content on a weekly basis.  More than ever, these posts will be based around the conversation and hot topics in the screenwriting world.

Moving forward, I’ll be updating all the Ultimate Guides while introducing brand new features to help screenwriters find the resources they’re looking for.

All of these updates will also include better integration with Nerd Infinite.  You’ll notice a greater presence of The Screenwriting Spark here as well.  It’s about time these two sites started working together!

Finally, The Spark relaunches with a promo video!  You can watch it above and share it with screenwriters looking for a spark!

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