The Secrets, Twists, Reveals And More From The Avengers Infinity War Trailer #1

The Secrets, Twists, Reveals And More From The Avengers Infinity War Trailer #1

Thanos vs The MCU!

Thanos vs The MCU!

Does Thor: Ragnarok Solve The MCU's Villain Problem?

Does Thor: Ragnarok Solve The MCU's Villain Problem?

It’s finally here!  Let’s be honest…  We all expected the first trailer for Marvel’s cinematic GEM way back in the summer of 2017.  In fact, a few thousand people got to see a trailer in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con.  In typical con fashion, the trailer constantly leaks online and if you search enough, you’ll find it.

Thankfully, the wait (and the bitterness for having to wait) is finally over!  The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has arrived and with it, The Mad Titan’s attack on Earth and beyond.  First and foremost, I actually don’t mind teaser trailers arriving mere months before the film’s release.  We’ll likely get the full trailer attached to Black Panther in February and, hopefully, that’s all we will get.  (It’s the Star Wars marketing approach.)

Fans of the MCU don’t need to be convinced of the magnitude of this event.  It took 10 YEARS to build up Marvel’s roster of heroes for the Infinity War.  No matter what the outcome, the film (and it’s 2019 successor) is an artistic achievement unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  That alone is worth the price of admission.  Thankfully the trailer is pretty good too so let’s get going!

[Side Note: I was literally at Disney World when this trailer dropped…  Very disappointed in the Mouse House.  I thought this trailer would be everywhere!  Granted…  I spent the day at The Magic Kingdom but COME ON!]

The Infinity War Begins

This ‘could’ be Earth but my money is on another planet.  Somewhere new.  I’m thinking the majority of the final battle on Earth takes place in Wakanda while several heroes follow Thanos through the cosmos to put an end to his reign of terror.  Wherever ‘here’ is, Thanos takes chunks out of a moon and throws it at things!

It’s safe to assume they do not succeed…

Another potential theory is the circular ship hovering high above New York.  It appears to be a gravity device of some type.  Perhaps, with the help of the Stones, Thanos successfully turns Earth into a dead planet?

Spider-Man No More?

When it comes to plot devices, one of the major draw backs to a ‘time travel’ mechanic AKA Doctor Strange’s Time Stone is the uncertainty of character deaths.  It’s an easy call to make dramatically.  You can kill off virtually any character and hopefully, the Infinity Stones will step in when it’s all over and make things right.

Or not?  (We’ll find out in May yeeeeeee)

After this trailer?  My money is on Spider-Man meeting his end at the hands of Thanos.  In the leaked Comic Con trailer, there is a shot of Peter telling Tony he’s sorry.  I believe this leads to Tony’s hopeless expression early in this trailer.

In terms of character deaths, Spider-Man would carry significant weight because he’s just a kid.  He takes a pretty huge punch in this trailer.  I’m not sure Iron Spider Armor will take all of that force.  Of course, it won’t last long.  He needs to come back for the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Bruce/Hulk vs Bruce AND Hulk

Much of the conversation online surrounding this trailer focuses on Bruce Banner.  Kevin Feige recently stated that Thor: Ragnarok begins a three part character arc for Banner/Hulk that continues with Infinity War and concludes with Avengers 4.

Presumably, this arc could include Bruce/Hulk splitting into two separate characters.  We already got a chance to see Hulk stretch his legs in Ragnarok.  It’s entirely possible that Doctor Strange steps up and grants Bruce’s wish so he isn’t lost forever as Hulk takes hold.

I think this will begin a transformation where Bruce and Hulk realize they need each other to truly thrive.

The big hints in this trailer revolves around the Hulkbuster armor.  We can see Hulk racing towards Thanos’ army in Wakanda but another shot clearly reveals the Hulkbuster in the battle.  Who is driving?  It’s hard to believe Iron Man is in the armor.  War Machine is also pictured flying behind Cap and Co.  (Ant-Man and Hawkeye are missing in this trailer but I doubt they will be in there.)

The real hint?  Bruce is seen beside a Hulkbuster arm as he (presumably) reunites with Black Widow. That can’t be an accident.

It all points to Hulk/Bruce separating.  Each half proving they are useful to the team in different ways just not as effectively unless they are together.  It’s a fascinating arc and a natural way to bring them together to kick some ass in Avengers 4.

Vision Evolves

This is a tough one to figure out.  In order for Thanos to succeed, (and he has to succeed) that Mind Stone has to go. The question isn’t when Thanos will get the stone.  It’s what will happen when he does?  Will Vision die?

Scarlet Witch is incredibly powerful.  It’s entirely possible that she steps up and saves him.  I’m assuming, Vision changes his appearance to look more human for her in the beginning of the film.  They are very clearly in love now.

The big question I have is whether or not that is a sense of relief on her face in the trailer.  Is it because Vision is saved?  Or is this just before the Children of Thanos attack and Captain America shows up to help?

It all seems to happen in the same location and looks like it ends with Black Widow plunging a spear in Corvus Glave?  Proxima Midnight?  I’m not sure who that is but I’m betting one of Thanos’ children goes down in this sequence.

Thor Meets The Guardians

The comic con trailer featured an extended sequence where Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy.  I say ‘meet’ but really he’s floating unconscious through space and smashes into their ship.

There’s a whole sequence of events you can build from that moment.

Thanos has the power stone in this trailer.  That means, at some point early on, he attacks Xandar and successfully acquires the Power Stone from the Nova Corps.  This sets the Guardians on the trail to his second target…

The Grandmaster’s massive ship carrying the people of Asgard as well as Thor, Hulk and…  Loki…

There’s a shot of a Child of Thanos (Corvus?) stepping over dead Asgardians before (I assume) the entire ship is destroyed.

I think the battles on Xandar and in Space will occur before we even get to see characters on Earth.  Much has been said about Thanos being the ‘protagonist’ of this film.  He’s on a mission to secure all 6 stones.  It makes perfect sense to show his full power in the beginning.

This allows the Guardians/Thor to arrive during the final battle once Thanos shifts focus to Earth.

The Civil War Flip Phone

I didn’t catch this.  Thankfully, the Internet is full of people smarter than me.  Is that the phone Steve gave Tony at the end of Civil War?

If it is, Tony is already aware of the danger.  He knows Thanos is coming and calls his former teammate while enlisting the help of Doctor Strange and Wong.

Loki’s Destiny Arrives

Thanos is the most powerful being in the Universe.  A being who gave up the only Infinity Stone (Mind) he actually had so Loki could secure Earth.  We didn’t know it then but it makes perfect sense why.  Earth is central to his quest to complete his Infinity Gauntlet.  The Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto), the Soul Stone (debuting in Black Panther?) and the Space Stone (Tesseract) are/were all there.

Conquer Earth and up to 4 stones could be taken easily.

Except Loki failed.  Something tells me Thanos isn’t too happy with the God of Mischief.  Regardless of the Tesseract Loki clearly offers up as payment for his failure.

I think Thanos will kill Loki right in front of Thor.  He places the Space Stone in the gauntlet with flames in the background.  I’m assuming that’s the Grandmaster’s ship moments before it’s destruction.  Which means when Thanos says ‘this puts a smile on my face’ he’s talking to Thor.  I’m guessing Loki’s lifeless body is at his feet when he says it.

The Quest For The Infinity Stones

In the leaked trailer, there are shots of Doctor Strange helping Star Lord as more Avengers/Guardians fight off Thanos.

Let us assume Doctor Strange has the Eye of Agamotto with him.  That’s 3.

If Corvus Glaive manages to get the Mind Stone out of Vision’s forehead that makes it 4.

The rest of his forces are attacking Wakanda.  The presumed location of the Soul Stone.  That’s 5.

Unaccounted for?  The Aether AKA The Reality Stone.  I think the Aether is located on this planet.  Perhaps The Collector brought it there?

There’s no other reason to chase Thanos.  It also keeps all of The Avengers/Guardians split.  I’m guessing we won’t see EVERY hero together until Avengers 4.  It’s fairly obvious that the Soul Stone is in Wakanda right?  The source of Black Panther’s power?  It’s the only reason why so many heroes remain to protect it.  As a result, I think the final act of Infinity War will feature two massive sequences.

The battle for the Soul Stone in Wakanda.  Featuring: Steve Rogers, Hulk, Banner, Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Falcon, War Machine, Winter Soldier and Okoye vs The Children of Thanos and the Outrider army.  (A battle I’m thinking The Avengers will win.)

And the battle for The Aether someone in the galaxy.  Featuring: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Wong, Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Nebula, Mantis, Groot and Rocket vs Thanos.  (A battle they will likely lose.)

More From The Trailer

Hawkeye is missing in this trailer.  Sooooooo he probably dies early on.  There’s no way he misses the final battle and I doubt he gets an invite to go to another planet.  (I’m even doubting Wong’s inclusion but at least he’s a sorcerer.)

Ant-Man is missing but he’s probably safe somewhere.  He’s the only other option to pilot the Hulkbuster armor but what’s the point?  I’m sure he’s around fighting with Wasp somewhere before they embark on their 2018 adventure. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)

We only get a few glimpses of the Children of Thanos but I’m hoping they cross paths with Gamora/Nebula at some point.

Will Thanos get all 6 Infinity Stones in this film?  I find it hard to believe he’ll be defeated in this movie.  He’s too big of a villain to deal with in one film.  Especially with the heroes of the MCU split in two.

We need a final confrontation with all hands on deck in Avengers 4.  He’ll also need something to do.

In the leaked trailer, Tony says ‘We have on advantage.  He’s coming for us.  So that’s what we’ll use.’  I think that could be the film’s final moments.  Thanos will have all the stones except for the Soul Stone in Wakanda.  (And maybe The Time Stone) All the heroes unite on Earth and prepare to defend the planet against Thanos’ inevitable attack.

It seems plausible but Marvel can be tricky to predict.  I could be way off.  What do you think?

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