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The Warcraft Movie Trailer Is Here And It’s Gorgeous!

The Warcraft Movie Trailer Is Here And It’s Gorgeous!

A big screen adaptation of Blizzard’s Warcraft video game franchise has been in development for at least 328 years.  I’m obviously exaggerating but that’s how long it feels as a long time fan of the real time strategy series.

Personally, I never played World of Warcraft but I absolutely understand why it’s one of the most successful games of all time.  The franchise itself is about the war between the human alliance and the orcish horde.  Throughout the series, heroes are established on both sides of the war as each clan struggles to keep their people safe.

In 2013, Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) took over directing duties from Sam Raimi and momentum really began to pick up.  Filming officially began in January 2014 and since then, we’ve heard/seen very little about the project.

Ladies and gentlemen!  Fantasy fans of all ages.  Finally! The next ‘Lord of the Rings’ has arrived!

The Lord of the Rings (or perhaps more appropriately Avatar) comparisons are inevitable.  But the comparison is a bit unfair.  Warcraft will redefine what a fantasy film franchise can achieve and raise the bar for what fans should expect from video game adaptations.

The land of Azeroth looks absolutely stunning in the trailer.  Beyond the visuals, Warcraft will tell the story of a war featuring heroes and villains on both sides.  All set in a world we’ve never seen before.  And that war begins June 10, 2016!


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