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There’s Never Been A Better Time To Create Content Thanks To Videoblocks

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Create Content Thanks To Videoblocks

The core concept of the YouTuber is something that has fascinated me for years.  I’ve had a lifelong obsession/devotion to the world of film and television and there’s simply never been a better time to create.

But content creators and independent filmmakers often don’t have the luxury to fly drones high above cities or the time to capture the perfect time lapse of a sunrise.  Often, producers don’t have the resources to hire extras for decent crowd footage.  Geography also hinders creators a great deal depending on their vision.  Where do you plan on getting a shot of a desolate desert without a plane ticket assuming you, like many, do not live near an actual desert?

The answer is to subscribe to stock libraries like Videoblocks.

Now, content creators don’t have to rely only on what they have access too.  Let the content creation begin!!!

Nerd Infinite is closely affiliated with The Screenwriting Spark.  Recently, I redesigned the site and this video accompanied the re-launch:

The entire video was possible thanks to Videoblocks.  A subscription provides you with a gifted camera man, state of the art equipment and that elusive plane ticket with one (wonderfully affordable) subscription.  Looking to enhance your content even further?  Combine Videoblocks with Audioblocks for music and sound effects.

XTRA | Find out how Videoblocks can inspire aspiring writers and directors.

I also use Graphicstock to find stock images seen across the site.  An image library adds a whole new world of resources to your creative arsenal.  Do you need a high tech interface for your short film?  Search technology on Graphicstock and let your imagination take over.

I use these libraries daily in my professional career but I loved them so much I got my own accounts at home.  I can’t tell you how useful a good stock library is when I’m creating commercials, promotional projects, corporate videos and more.  It truly doesn’t matter what type of content you create.  Vloggers, Gamers, Filmmakers, Artists, Teachers and more can all benefit from services like Videoblocks.

In addition to video, a subscription also grants you access to green screen elements, animated backgrounds, After Effects projects, templates, animated fonts and backgrounds, slideshows, logos and so much more!  Videoblocks also allows you to download unlimited elements without worrying about copyright claims.  The possibilities are endless.

Check out Videoblocks and enhance your content with a free 7 day trial!

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