Thor Ragnarok Trailer: Thor & Hulk Know Each Other From Work!

Thor Ragnarok Trailer: Thor & Hulk Know Each Other From Work!

When Marvel set out to produce the third standalone movie for Thor, it was no secret that Guardians of the Galaxy was a big influence on the approach.  Now that we finally got our first look at Thor: Ragnarok, it’s very clear just how much impact Guardians had on the film’s development.

Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi is already the best Thor film (by far) on paper.  It features the continuation of Thor’s story, delivers on Scarlet Witch’s destructive vision in Age of Ultron AND sets up Avengers: Infinity War.  (And probably features a super secret Guardians cameo?)


The stakes have certainly been raised.  Hela (played by a bad ass looking Cate Blanchett) brings the destruction early and often justifying the name Ragnarok. (AKA The end of all things)

Finally, a dangerous female villain has arrived to wreak havoc in the MCU.  Within a single trailer Hela attacks Asgard, causes a ton of destruction, defeats Thor and destroys his hammer!

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Once his hammer is destroyed, Thor is off on an adventure around the galaxy to places we’ve never seen before.  Every time I see fire and lava I think Muspelheim and its ruler Surtur.  Will we get a glimpse of Marvel’s extremely powerful villain?  A phase four setup perhaps?  I’m probably wrong on as this film is overflowing with characters and storylines as it is.  But still…  There is certainly fire…

Either way, Thor is having a tough time.


While Hela brings about the end of the world, Thor must deal with…  A friend from work!

Here’s where things get interesting.  Thor: Ragnarok was pitched as a Hulk/Thor buddy movie.  Waititi also claims the film will be the funniest in the series.  So you have to assume, the big Thor vs Hulk battle orchestrated by The Grandmaster happens midway through the film.

It needs to be early enough to allow the dysfunctional duo to traverse the galaxy together.  Their chemistry/relationship has always been one of the funniest aspects of the Avengers films after all.

Presumably the basic thread of the film is:

-Hela attacks Asgard and destroy Thor’s hammer.
-Thor is banished and finds himself imprisoned by The Grandmaster (thanks to Valkyrie)
-Thor fights Hulk and the two eventually escape.
-They reach Asgard (or wherever Hela ends up) and the final battle begins.

Obvisously, there’s more to it than that but it gets extremely complicated when you factor in Loki.

Arguably Marvel’s most beloved villain, Loki returns in Thor: Ragnarok.  His role is, once again… tricky. (pun intended)  We know Loki will lead Thor to Earth to find Odin at some point (with help from Doctor Strange) but it’s never simple with Loki.  Is he the reason Hela comes to Asgard in the first place?  Perhaps the decisions he made while posing as Odin leaves Asgard open to attack?

Whatever his motivations are, Loki will complicate Thor’s journey even further.  Regardless of the help he will no doubt offer his brother.  He IS sitting with The Grandmaster as Thor battles his coworker.

In addition to Loki, we also got a look at the rest of the new characters including Valkyrie and Skurge as well as returning characters like Heimdall.


I’m on the fence when it comes to the film’s style.  It’s all over the place.  It strange to see epic slow motion shots of incredible action mixed with retro music and graphics.  (In movies that do not feature Star Lord of course)  The film’s title literally means the apocalypse is coming and yet we’ve been promised a hilarious Thor movie.

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy established the cosmic side of the MCU as a colorful place with tons of creatures and a rocking soundtrack.  I completely understand why you would want to continue that style in another Marvel film set in space.  But…  Will every Marvel movie set in space share a retro style as a result?

I love the style but this trailer’s tone doesn’t seem to fit with Thor.  I think the movie will be great but, from a marketing perspective, I think this trailer is a bit of a mess tonally.

Still, I think the movie is going to be fantastic and that’s all that really matters!  I’ll just have to deal with the retro fonts, music and art style until the film’s release on November 3rd, 2017.

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