Top 10 Action Scenes In Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Phase 1 & 2

Top 10 Action Scenes In Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Phase 1 & 2

10. Escape From The Kyln

You can’t watch this video until I get that guy’s eye.

9. Hulk vs Abomination 

People tend to forget that The Incredible Hulk is very much a part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.  General Thunderbolt Ross is even a part of Captain America: Civil War.  We may never get a standalone Hulk movie again but this film did give us an epic ‘boss’ battle against Abomination.

8. Daredevil in the hallway

These kinds of extended single take fight scenes only happen in the movies right? Wrong!

7. Iron Man’s Backup

Let’s set aside the story flaw that Iron Man conveniently didn’t have access to all these suits earlier in the film.  This sequence was worth the plunge into the giant plot hole. (I don’t care if they were ‘buried’.  Get Igor to start digging!)

6. Project Insight

Captain America: The Winter Soldier remains one of Marvel’s best films because of action sequences like this.

5. Xandar

The climactic battle of Guardians of the Galaxy takes place in the sky above Xandar.  It’s a gorgeous sequence.  James Gunn’s decision to make this world so colorful was brilliant.

It all leads to this:

4. Hulk vs Veronica

With all due respect to ‘Veronica’, I really hope we get to see Hulk go one on one with Thanos for an extended sequence in The Avengers Infinity War.

3. Captain America vs The Winter Soldier 

This is probably the best one on one fight sequence in the entire MCU.  Extra points to The Winter Soldier for possessing the impeccable coordination needed to catch that knife in mid air.

2. Sokovia

The final battle of The Avengers: Age of Ultron features incredible action on a stunning scale.  Thor, Vision and Iron Man’s final assault on Ultron is still one of my favorite single shots of any movie.  In any genre.

1. The Battle of New York

The one that started it all.  Once The Avengers took on the invading Chitauri forces, Marvel’s world was never the same.  Each and every subsequent film has raised the bar in terms of action but it all started when Iron Man brought the party to us.

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