Top 10 Episodes: LOST Season 2

Top 10 Episodes: LOST Season 2

It’s hard to tell sometimes which season of LOST is better: Season One or Season Two.

Season One introduced us to the characters, gave us some backstories, set up the relationships and asked us the questions. (Perhaps the biggest of those questions being: what the heck is in the hatch??)

Season Two took all those things and built on them to make them bigger and better. (We found out what the heck was in the hatch!!) Not only do they improve on what they had, they introduced even more (if it was possible) compelling characters, and wove them into the tapestry that was becoming LOST lore.

It is with great affection that we look back on The Top Ten Episodes from LOST: Season Two.

10. Lockdown

This cleverly titled episode comes down to essentially one scene: when the timer in the hatch seemingly expires and Locke see’s the map under the black lights.

The map itself is a visual spectacle, and its limited screen time leaves you longing to look at it more and try and make sense of it. “Henry” continues to play mind games and push Locke’s buttons – with great success. He knows he’s getting into his head. You can’t help but wonder how this will all play out and just who the heck “Henry” is.

9. 3 Minutes

Finally – we see where and what Michael has been up to since he left to find his son, and also what drove him to take the actions he did once he returned. While the constant statements of wanting to find Walt can get tiresome after a while, you can’t really blame him for feeling that way. Inter-cutting scenes from past episodes is something the show likes to do, and is a cool effect as clearly we the audience can’t see what is happening everywhere at all times. That being said, they were a little inconsistent with Mr. Friendly’s appearance in this episode compared to the one they were cutting away to (“The Hunting Party”), which was a little surprising.

The stakes for Michael are so high. Add to the fact that it is vital he follows his instructions to the letter, it’s no wonder he seems a little strung-out all the time.

8. The Hunting Party

Michael has decided to take matters into his own hands, and we see “The Others”! (Ok, one. And we’ve actually already met him before.)

The curiously named Mr. Friendly was well cast, and a few may recognize him as “Swamp Thing” from the action-packed movie Con Air. (Probably not.) He has the perfect rough, gravelly voice for the character. Sawyer is on fire with the one-liners and nicknames in this one, and Locke chooses an interesting time to inquire about Sawyer’s real name. Hurley and Charlie share a good moment in the hatch, showing how their friendship continues to grow. You don’t discuss love interests with just anyone! The stand-off between Jack, Locke and Sawyer with Mr. Friendly and The Others is definitely the highlight of the episode as we finally get a little more insight on this mysterious group of people.

7. Collision

At last, the “tailies” and our heroes finally come together. For some, it isn’t in the most pleasant manner, while for others it’s been a long time coming and is quite touching.

With all that is going on, Jack and Kate somehow find time to play each other a few holes of golf one-on-one, and while looking for a ball in the jungle that is when the intimidating Mr. Eko emerges from the  foliage carrying Sawyer over his shoulder. Talk about an awkward first meeting. The look of horror on Jack and Kate’s face is justified, as they don’t know who or what Mr. Eko represents at this point.  Once back at the hatch, Jack finds out that Michael, Jin and Sayid are being held “hostage” by the other tailies led by Ana Lucia; someone Jack had met at the airport bar before boarding the fateful flight 815 in Australia. Eko does a good job in staying loyal to the tailies, and the near standoff between he and our group in the hatch is compelling. We also find out more about Ana Lucia in her flashbacks, as it turns out she is a cop and is partners with Abraham from “The Walking Dead”! She also has a bit of a chip on her shoulder, and we see why she is so hard on everyone else.

Finally seeing Jin and Sun reunited is a great moment, as they have truly become a loving pair and a couple to root for. We also get to see Bernard and Rose finally come together, in another example of how sometimes love truly prevails.

6. Orientation

A very effective title for the episode, as not only do our characters learn more about the hatch and what is going on, but so does the audience as well.

Jack and Locke’s philosophies and approach to life was a slow burn in season one. Come season two it has definitely started to escalate. The premiere’s title, “Man of Science, Man of Faith” can refer directly to Jack and Locke. Upon watching the film Desmond suggests, Orientation, Locke immediately buys everything it says where Jack is much more the skeptic and thinks “the button” is nothing more than that – a button. What must be extremely hard for Jack to accept though is as he is trying to treat the button and the countdown as practically as possible, it’s got to be ripping him up inside that the man they encounter in this hatch on this deserted island is someone he met by total fluke while running stairs in a stadium years beforehand. What are the odds? How is this possible?? And how can he discount Desmond’s total belief in the button and the consequences it has if not pressed on time? He’s spent years of his life down here pressing that button, how can that just be dismissed? It is here where Jack and Locke definitely become more rivals than two people with different opinions.

5. Adrift

Here we pick up that other storyline – you know, the one where Michael, Sawyer and Jin got attacked on the raft and these mysterious people took Walt?? The hatch storyline is also continued only this time from a different perspective – Locke’s. A very cool and effective use of storytelling, showing the audience what we were forced to fill in ourselves based on what happened in “Man of Science, Man of Faith.” Right away we see the different approach Locke takes to the hatch as he removes his shoes when he gets down there, treating the place with much more respect than Jack did upon his first arrival. We also see where Kate was for all of this, and how close she almost took a warning shot to the face!

A very effective end to the episode as we appear to finally be introduced to these “Others”, from Michael and Sawyer’s perspective as they have made it back to the island. (Any sharp eyes notice the Dharma logo on the shark the first time around? Me neither.)

4. Man of Science, Man of Faith

Nice touch on starting season two the same way they started one: a close up of someone’s eye as they are just awaking. However as opposed to season one where it was Jack’s eye and not knowing where he was, this individual seemed right at home, going about his morning routine. As an audience we aren’t entirely sure where this person is until the bang – and then we realize everything we’ve seen has taken place IN the hatch!

This episode naturally picks up exactly where the previous season ended, with the threat of “The Others” still out there. Does it seem like there are a lot more extras playing other crash survivors in this season premiere then we saw last year? Locke somehow talks Kate into going down into the hatch first, which doesn’t appear to end well. We aren’t entirely sure what the outcome is even by episode’s end when Jack ventures down himself in search of Locke and Kate. Who he encounters down there just doesn’t seem possible. Is this real?

(One of the biggest missteps in the entire run of the show: Jack’s hair in the flashback scenes. What is that??)

3 & 2. Live Together, Die Alone

Everything is happening! (Yes, this two-part finale is taking up two spots on the countdown.)

Desmond is back, Jack and the gang are trekking across the island, Locke and Eko are arguing about the nature of the button, and we see a big four-toed statue of a foot!

Season two comes to a head in this finale, with many storylines being wrapped up, while other ones are just beginning.  We get a little more insight into Desmond’s character, and there is another case of six degrees of separation regarding his hatch-mate. We also get to see another example of the show flashing back within itself, referencing scenes from season one, however this time from different perspectives. It’s fun to observe different takes on scenarios that we weren’t originally exposed to. After spending the back half of season two in the background, Charlie finally returns to take part in the story. And how about Michael? What does that say about how far one will go to save his son? Watching Jack, Kate and Sawyer gagged and bagged is a heck of a way to say good-bye to these characters for a summer hiatus.

1. Two for the Road


The biggest shocker episode to date, and quite possibly of the series (before things got a little “out there”).

It’s all about the final scene with Michael and Ana Lucia – and then Libby. Raising Libby’s character appeal with her growing relationship with Hurley was key, as the audience has become much more attached to her, and therefore is even more shocked when she accidentally gets shot. (How do you “accidentally” fire TWO rounds into someone’s gut?) But that’s just the start of the questions. Why did Michael shoot Ana Lucia? Whhhhy did he shoot himself?? The fact that everything happens within a two minute span also makes it so effective. There is no time to catch your breath or process everything before the closing credits run, forcing you to ask: did that just happen?

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