Top 10 Episodes: LOST Season 3

Top 10 Episodes: LOST Season 3

While Season 3 may not have been quite as good as the previous two, it still packs a punch and continues to keep us asking: “whaaa??”

The three month gap between the opening arc of episodes and the continuation of the season may have slowed down the show’s momentum a bit, but new characters, fleshing out more of Desmond’s story and the increased threat of “The Others” helped to make this season a strong one.

Here are the Top 10 Episodes from LOST – Season 3.

10. The Man Behind The Curtain

Ok….what the heck is going on?

Ben finally gets the flashback treatment, we see some of the origins of the Dharma Initiative, Richard doesn’t age apparently and we meet Jacob – or do we?

As usual, we get some answers but then as a result are forced to ask 100 more questions. It was interesting to see who Roger Work Man really was, and see the Dharma Initiative in its hay day. (Tooms, anyone? X-Files fans?) It looks like Jack and Co. are finally ready to talk to each other again – and Ben, for the record? Leaving Locke shot in a pit of corpses is cold, man.

9. The Cost of Living

Eko has had a rough start to season three. Unfortunately it only continues in this episode, as he sees his dead brother in a vision, has to be rescued from a burning hut, and has a final one on one with the Smoker Monster. It was sad to see a favorite like Eko go. He seemed like one of the few truly honorable men on the island, despite his past. Great job on the casting of the younger versions of Eko and Yemi.

Meanwhile, it would seem we finally get Ben’s end game and what this entire elaborate plan is all about. Seems like it would have been a lot easier to just introduce themselves to our group and ASK for Jack’s help? It’s been tough to read Juliette and who’s side she’s on, but perhaps her “movie” trick should answer those questions.

8. Not In Portland

The “finale” to the little seven-episode arc that opened season 3. Jack has jeopardized Ben’s life mid-surgery, Kate & Sawyer are feverishly trying to escape their captivity, and we get a backstory on Juliet. This ep also marks the first appearance of the mysterious Rupert Alpert, someone we will see more of as the show goes on.

In addition to some great drama, there are a couple of good laughs, especially Sawyer’s (awesome) Star Wars reference. Speaking of humor, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans will recognize the guard “Aldo”. It’s Mac!

Also – a quick eye will notice mention of someone named Jacob on one of the slides poor Carl is forced to look at during his A Clockwork Orange – type incarceration. Keep the name “Jacob” in your back pocket.

7. D.O.C.

Department of Corrections? Drug of Choice?


Date of Conception.

When did Sun conceive her child? The answer to that question has huge ramifications, whether it is yes OR no. Any episode about Jin and Sun is going to be a good one, with a lot of emotion. We also learn more and more that Sun is someone you DON’T want to mess with. Despite her delicate appearance, she is full of strength.

The story also continues with our new visitor to the island, the crashed helicopter pilot. Who is she? We still don’t know because somehow Mikhail is still alive and steals the show. Hurley has some great moments in this episode as well.

Pretty sure the final lines spoken were to meant to just further tease the audience and their wild theories.

6. Flashes Before Your Eyes

This could officially be the episode where LOST goes from mystery-drama to mystery-SCI-FI-drama.

We finally get some insight into what seems to be Desmond’s ability to see the future – with the help of time travel. We also find out that Mr. Widmore is much more of a hard-ass than we originally thought, and that Desmond’s flashes of intuition so far have actually been all about trying to keep Charlie out of danger. Desmond’s final lines of the episode will have you (and Charlie for that matter) on edge until season’s end. (Aren’t you sorry you asked, Charlie?)

Also – who exactly is the woman Desmond was talking to in the jewellery shop that seemed to be out of time? Besides being Data’s mother from Star Trek: The Next Generation, that is?

5. Greatest Hits

There isn’t really a whole lot that goes on in this episode, as it is the last one before the two-part finale and is mostly a lot of exposition and setting up what is GOING to happen. However, during all of that there is a touching story with Charlie as he prepares for what Desmond tells him will be his final act on the island. Knowing that he might not come back and prove Des’ visions to be true, he compiles a list to be returned to Claire should he not survive. We see several flashbacks throughout his life, spanning from childhood right up until his crash on the island.

As Charlie is about to dive down to the Looking Glass station, there is also a great moment between him and Desmond, as neither wants to let the other go through with the dangerous task that’s been set before them. A quiet episode, but a good one as well.

4. Catch 22

Let’s hear it for Desmond. His character is so compelling thanks to his flashes of the future, his warning for Charlie and his deep love for Penny.

Because of the type of show this is, we’re almost given the biggest shocker of the series in the teaser – until we realize it’s one of Desmond’s flashes. He sees that the island is going to get a visitor, and it will be at the cost of Charlie’s life. Most of the episode is watching how Desmond makes sure his visions come true, because altering them may change the outcome of what he saw. We also get more insight into Des’ past, and see the first time he and Penny ever met. This culminates into what feels like will be a touching ending, with a nice blend of dialogue from the past played over visuals of the present of Desmond frantically rescuing an ejected helicopter pilot he assumes his Penny. Let’s just say the ending is yet another twist.

3. Enter 77

One has to start wondering just how big this island is as we continue to discover more and more things. This time it’s a little “farm house” (complete with a cow) tucked away in the middle of the jungle. It is home to someone we saw a glimpse of in an earlier episode and one of the cooler characters on the show…MIKHAIL!

The house has several interesting aspects to it, including an old-style computer which is more than meets the eye. Locke just can’t seem to resist a computer… Also, his attitude towards any mention of communication or getting off the island doesn’t come off as someone who wants to get off the island any time soon. Something to keep an eye on.

Enter 77 is a solid episode throughout. It has the action-oriented A-story regarding Mikhail and the house, an emotional backstory regarding Sayid and the things he has done in his past, and then a light, fun B-story involving Sawyer and a dark horse ping-pong champ.

2. Through The Looking Glass, Part I

The beginning of a tension-filled season finale.

So many things are happening at once, and it’s fantastic. Mikhail is one super cool character. Rose and Bernard are great, especially Rose’s line to Jack. Speaking of the Doc, how about that beard he’s sporting in the flashes? That thing is nasty. And what did he read that make him want to kill himself? Furthermore, not long after kissing Juliet, he then tells Kate in a later conversation that he’s actually in love with HER! What gives? And Locke’s visitor at the edge of the pit he’s lying in – what’s up with that??

What we DO know?

Answers will be few and far between. Stay tuned.

1. Through The Looking Glass, Part II

How did we do it? How did those of us who watched the show during its initial run not go insane during the summer hiatus after the way season three ended?

All this time we’ve wanted our heroes to get off the island and now it turns out the strung-out Jack with the filthy beard is actually a flash FORWARD and he is telling Kate they need to go BACK to the island?

So many great moments in this one, some more emotional than others. It was fun to see Hurley be the hero and save the day. On the flip side, Charlie’s story was absolutely gut wrenching. The music for this episode was fantastic, as it has always been throughout the series. What is Locke’s deal, anyways?? Alex’s introduction to her mother via Ben was funny.

This was a true case of the show saving its very best of the season for last.

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