Top 10 Episodes: The X-Files Season 9

Top 10 Episodes: The X-Files Season 9

The final season of the X-Files.

And perhaps for good reason.

While Agent Doggett and Reyes did a serviceable job of carrying the show, it never did feel quite right. With Mulder absent for most of the season, and Scully in a much smaller role, it was finally time to close up the Files. This season was definitely the weakest of the series, however there were some highlights while Doggett and Reyes were keepers of the flame. Here are the Top 10 Episodes from Season 9.

10. William – April 28th, 2002

Well sooner or later the show would have to deal with William, and we got our answer in the teaser. Backtracking though, a man severely scarred and burned (somehow) manages to find his way into the FBI and almost gets away with trying to steal several X-Files. Turns out this unidentified man is under suspicion of being someone we’ve been missing since the start of the season – Mulder.

It seems unlikely that a man Scully, Doggett and Reyes can’t properly identify and don’t wholly trust manages to get invited to stay at Scully’s apartment (and in the room next to the nursery containing William, no less), and yet it happens. The episode does keep you guessing all the way to the end, and there is a nice reference to the past within. “William” isn’t a bad installment directed by a man we’d much prefer to see in FRONT of the camera – David Duchovny.

9. Underneath – March 31st, 2002

A man is released from prison 13 years after John Doggett and his partner arrested him for murder on the grounds that he was innocent all along. Doggett can’t accept that they got the wrong man, and is insistent on finding more evidence to prove this man’s guilt. It would seem however that the man (Bob) has an alter ego, an evil side that may be responsible for the murders he is accused of.

Doggett’s lack of acceptance at an alternate explanation for what he saw 13 years ago still shows that he has doubts about the paranormal and the supernatural, believing that good old fashioned police work is always the way to go. Carlo from “The Sopranos” plays the part of Doggett’s old partner.

8. Nothing Important Happened Today II – November 18th, 2001

This episode is the second part of the season premiere. It’s actually quite stale until the final third of the show, when heads start to roll (wink wink).

A secret lab on a boat is discovered and its determined that experiments are being done on women’s ova to help produce human/alien super soldiers. Naturally the new mother in Scully is concerned, considering her baby has exhibited some interesting abilities.

Cary Elwes as A.D. Fullmer is just as annoying as Kersh, and one of the Cylons herself, Lucy Lawless, guest stars. Also, with Mulder M.I.A. and Scully on baby watch, there is a hero shot of Doggett and Agent Reyes in an elevator that is clearly acting as the “passing of the torch” for the X-Files and the keepers of the flame.

7. Provenance – March 3rd, 2002

The question of who – or what – Scully’s baby is exactly is very much an underlying theme in this season, and this episode in particular. An undercover FBI agent (Hawk from “First Contact” for you Trekkers) is pursued and thought killed after an illegal border crossing from Canada to the States, and he is also carrying some sensitive material – material that correlates to the spacecraft and storylines originally started in the season 6 finale.

The phrase “They’re after my baby” gets used quite a bit to the point of tiresome by Scully, but she still manages to kick some butt and there is a nice moment as she calls upon The Lone Gunmen (the only people left she can trust) for a very special assignment. Although his part is extremely minimal in this episode, that is indeed Mr. Widmore from “LOST” hovering around in the background during some of the meetings at the FBI. What’s his story? Stick around…

6. Audrey Pauley – March 17th, 2002

After Doggett decides not to act on a pretty hard pass from Reyes, (boy, their relationship is moving along at quite the pace isn’t it?) Monica gets in a brutal car accident that sends her to the emergency room. When she awakens however, she seems to be in a kind of purgatory which has taken the form of the very hospital she’s in minus a few details. The structure also happens to be floating around in a kind of hazy nothingness. This “purgatory” space was created by a hospital employee, Audrey, and she seems to be the only one that can move freely between the two worlds. The rub is that there is a doctor who seems to be responsible for purposely killing his patients and Doggett has a short period of time to act before Reyes meets this same fate.

Not the most scientific episode, but an interesting one none-the-less. The actress who played Audrey has appeared in an X-Files episode before back in season 3 (“Oubliette”).

5. Improbable – April 7th, 2002

A throwback to the earlier seasons, this episode is another “only on the X-Files” installment. Combining humor and science perfectly together (this time focusing on numerology) “Improbable” is pretty entertaining. Reyes seems to be even more open to possibilities than we initially thought, and the dialogue between her and Scully contemplating the nature of the universe is a conversation that would be meant for Mulder and Scully, if he were around. If the split screen phone conversations and music weren’t enough – Burt Reynolds guest stars.

4. The Truth I – May 19th, 2002

The final X-Files episode ever. (Or so we thought…)

If you think it seems rather similar to the “Seinfeld” finale, you’re not alone. This one also had a “trial”, however instead of finding out the type of people 4 characters from New York are, this trial dealt with Mulder and his guilt regarding “killing” a fellow FBI agent. Like “Seinfeld”, this finale also had several character cameos from seasons past. (If you EVER have any questions about the series and the major story arcs that took place within, just watch this episode. The entire story line is spelled out. Bring a pen…)

The fact that Mulder is actually in this episode automatically makes it rank rather high on the Top 10, as its…

3. The Truth II – May 19th, 2002

…nice to finally see Mulder and Scully together again. (Yeah, I’m splitting this 90-minute finale up into two countdown spots, so what, wanna fight about it?) These 2 characters ARE the show, so to finally have them reunited was a must. An ultimate and final “truth” is discovered, however it is a little lacking. Nevertheless the final scene between our two heroes is touching and a nice tone for the series to go out on. (Until it returns…)

2. 4-D – December 9th, 2001

A killer uses a parallel universe to carry out his sick fantasies, and Doggett unknowingly crosses over and gets critically wounded; leaving Reyes as the prime suspect.

In a story that could be straight out of the “Star Trek” universe (a great head-nod from the “X-Files” writers, via Doggett) this episode is really good, if you can follow along. It’s not the first time an episode will come to an end leaving more questions than answers, and this one definitely leaves you with a handful. Watching Scully become more and more of a background character feels bizarre, and we start to see some tenderness and a relationship forming between Doggett and Reyes.

1. Trust No 1 – January 6th, 2002

This episode is solid, from top to bottom.

The teaser itself is done really well, with Scully providing the voiceover (almost a love letter of sorts) to Mulder, accompanied by pictures and video of M&S together over the course of the series. As the story starts, we pick up with Dana at an internet café (remember those?) corresponding with Fox, both expressing how much they miss each other. The episode starts to flesh out from there, complete with hidden surveillance, a high-risk rendezvous and even a slow motion shootout on a train platform. The sequence with Scully on the phone being led to a meeting place by an unknown contact is very good, and we get to hear Scully’s theme that was first introduced at the start of season 8 again.

Terry O’Quinn (Locke from “LOST”) makes his 3rd appearance on the “X-Files” (including the feature “Fight the Future”), each time as a different character. The ‘stache he’s sporting is outstanding.


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