Top 10 Moments: Blade Runner

Top 10 Moments: Blade Runner

If there was a Mount Rushmore of science fiction movies, Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic Blade Runner would have to be on it.

Dealing with concepts of artificial life (and death), we follow Rick Deckard, a “Blade Runner”. His primary job is to “retire” (kill) replicants – artificial beings that are made in our image and are virtually indistinguishable from humans.

There isn’t a single frame of this film that isn’t filled with some kind of intricate detail. Through the use of rain, lightning and set design there is always something for the eye to look at besides the main characters. The world Ridley Scott wanted to create is full and vibrant. There are not only many layers located within the story and the dialogue, but within the visuals as well.

If you intend on watching Blade Runner 2049, you should really watch the original first to get a full appreciation. Here are the Top 10 Moments from Blade Runner. (There be spoilers!!)

10. Intimidation

With Leon playing the enforcer, we see what Roy Batty is after and his plan going forward in hopes of preserving his life (along with his replicant comrades). Have to feel a little bad for Mr. Chew. He just makes eyes.

(For any Seinfeld fans, James Hong also played the restaurant host in “The Chinese Restaurant”.)

“Seinfeld! Four!”

9. Rachael’s Test

For the second time we see the testing process to ascertain whether an individual is human or a replicant. The questions pose interesting scenarios, but that’s the point – to get an emotional reaction out of the person being tested and monitoring their response. Based on the rigid way Rachael walked into the room, it’s surprising Deckard didn’t peg her as a replicant right there.

8. Leon Interview

Right off the bat there seems to be something amiss with Leon. His lack of concentration and constant questioning of the questions being posed at him is unnerving. The atmosphere where the interview is being held is fantastic, with Holden’s cigarette smoke wafting around, the blue lighting coming through the windows and the fan slowly turning overhead.

7. Researching

Not the most action packed scene, but it’s one where we see Deckard going to work and doing some investigating. Nothing like good old fashioned police work. How about the resolution on that photo?? To be able to zoom in that much and STILL be able to get a face out of the mirror? Impressive.

6. Time to Die

Deckard better thank his lucky stars Rachael took note of him or he was toast. If there was any doubt about replicant strength, Leon answered that one pretty quick putting a hole in the side of that…truck?

5. Meet Your Maker

Roy has seemed….reasonable up to this point. Unfortunately, his meeting with Dr. Tyrell is the beginning of the end. It must be quite a thing to able to converse with the being that created you. The person responsible for your very existence – and in the same breath, your demise. Too bad for Tyrell he will also meet his untimely end, and in quite gruesome fashion one might add.

4. Replicant Chase

Turns out Deckard’s shtick with Zhora wasn’t convincing enough, and the chase is on. Here we truly see the Blade “Runner” with a chase through the crowded streets of futuristic L.A. Having never seen the atrocities the replicants are accused of, we are almost forced to sympathize with Zhora, as from our perspective she seems innocent and is just trying to live. This makes her death even more poignant, in addition to the fact that she had to be shot multiple times and fall through several panes of glass in slow motion.

3. Is He or Isn’t He?

The subject of much debate over the years was left ambiguous and open to personal interpretation: Is Deckard himself a replicant? There have been several different cuts of the film over the years that support either argument. Is the unicorn that was left behind a sign that Deckard’s dreams were implanted? Or is the ambiguous nature what makes this film so good?

It’s up to you.

(Unless of course your memories of the film have been put there and you are a replicant. But then does that opinion truly belong to you?)

2. Final Showdown

Roy Batty isn’t one for subtlety. His theatrics during his fight with Deckard makes the final showdown all the more exciting – and haunting. Roy’s howling, his attempts at intimidation, and his sheer superior strength make us all think Deckard doesn’t have a chance.

1. Roy’s Retirement

A fantastic scene for Rutger Hauer. We see the end of Roy Batty’s life, and watch as he tries to comprehend the concept of “death”. To relinquish to circumstances that are out of his control. To let go of fear. The constant rain throughout the movie isn’t more effective than it is here.

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