Top 10 Moments: Commando

Top 10 Moments: Commando

Premiering in 1985, “Commando” is another stellar addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s filmography.

Complete with a boatload of beauty one-liners, hilarious villains and a great steel drum-laden soundtrack from James Horner, this movie is a must for any true Arnold fan.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from “Commando”.

10. Opening Credits

Watching someone you’re used to seeing fire a pump-action shotgun take an ice cream cone to the face from a young Alyssa Milano is just a fraction of the hilarity contained in these opening credits. Nothing but frolicking with his daughter and trying to be “Dad of the Year” for Arnie.

9. Preparation Montage

Of course there’s a montage.

8. Cadillac Dealership

A very brief scene near the start of the movie and probably would have been rather forgettable had it not been for Bill Duke’s fantastic deadpan delivery and the overly accommodating salesman. “Go ahead, start it up!”

7. Compound Shootout

Keep an eye out for fake mustaches and full sized dummies getting blown to bits. So much ammunition. So many dead generic bad guys.

6. Hotel Scrap

Home to the great line “I eat green berets for breakfast”, the fight between Schwarzenegger’s John Matrix and Duke’s Cooke is great. Arnold looking very spry with his duck and rolls. (Next time you watch, keep an eye out for the subtle video camera set-up in the naked couple’s room next door. You know what’s going on.)

5. Mall Brawl

You just…you can’t make it through this scene with out laughing out loud and shaking your head. It’s too good.

4. “No Chance”

One of the best lines in the entire movie. It’s also a perfect lead in to the song that’s ramping up behind the dialogue, which is none other than “We Fight For Love” by Power Station. Pure 80’s goodness.

3. “Wrong!”

Yeah, the shot to the head is a little brutal but the delivery of the single word dialogue is Arnold’s bread and butter.

(When you watch the movie keep an eye on the code Arnie has to punch in to get his rifle from the shed. 13. The code is 13. Things were so much easier back in the day… )

2. “I lied.”

There is so much about this scene that is great. Not only another stellar one-liner, but some of the continuity issues that lie within are hilarious as well. For one, keep an eye on Sully’s leg as Matrix picks him up to hold him over the side of the cliff: the wire attached to his leg is blatantly obvious. Second, Sully’s car has been knocked on its side and scraped up, as we can clearly see after Arnold sets it upright again. However, after he and Cindy jump in the car and turn around to drive away, that same side of the car is miraculously repaired and good as new! Another funny addition: how quickly after Arnold & Cindy slam HEAD ON into a pole does he turn to her and ask “Are you alright?….you’re alright.”

1. Battle With Bennett

Just the perverse pleasure it brings Bennett to fight Matrix one-on-one is enough to make this scene the best in the movie. Arnold’s final line to Bennett’s dying body is the topper in the whole film.

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