Top 10 Moments: Demolition Man

Top 10 Moments: Demolition Man

It’s petty hard to find someone who doesn’t look back fondly on 1993’s Demolition Man.

Stallone and Snipes are in mid-season form, there is great action and an interesting take on where the future could be (is going?), and most notably: some great humor. This movie isn’t all shoot ’em up or flying bullets. There is a great mix of levity and laughs sprinkled throughout to make this a fun movie to watch. Bolstered by a solid supporting cast led by Sandra Bullock, Demolition Man is one of Stallone’s better outings.

Here are the Top Ten Moments from Demolition Man.

10. Taco Bell?

You laughed then…but nowadays, is something like Taco Bell being a sit down restaurant that inconceivable? Or one franchise/chain eventually taking over everything much like Disney buying out more and more of their competition? It’s still funny today, but perhaps for a different reason…

9. Send a Maniac To Catch a Maniac

Man, I don’t remember there being that much fire as they predicted for 1996…

Regardless, this is an exciting opening sequence, and very quickly sets up our hero and villain right off the bat.

8. Phoenix Parole Hearing

If the audience somehow wasn’t sure how ruthless Simon Phoenix is by this point, his parole hearing here will surely drive the point home.

7. Wake Up, Spartan

Huxley’s list of things that are now “illegal” is extensive and pretty funny. Much like any story with a person out of time, there is plenty that is ripe for humor and they certainly take advantage of it here.

Bob Gunton certainly plays a good, hard-nosed authority figure. (This is no Shawshank Redemption, but who knows…two roles after this one in Demolition Man he plays Warden Norton opposite Tim Robbins. Perhaps some inspiration was found here?…Nah.)

6. Trying to Arrest Phoenix

Police work certainly has suffered since the mass reduction of crime in the future. The visual examples of what the cops should do was great. Another example of the perfect mix of humor and action that made this movie so entertaining. The music is definitely a little dated, however. Snipes was perfect for the quick & foul-mouthed Simon Phoenix.

5. Three Seashells

I mean…when you think about it…we are still employing a method that has been around since the invention of leaves! Who knows, maybe this “three seashell” idea will be revolutionary!

Either way, pretty sure every single one of us would have been just as confused as John Spartan was.

4. Museum Shootout

Nothing like a good old fashioned shoot-out. Stallone’s pure disappointment in his baton is perfect, as were the verbal jabs exchanged between Phoenix and Spartan.

3. Car Chase

Thank goodness for some American Muscle being brought to the future’s roads; it brings some much needed attitude and style.

2. Final Showdown

YESSSSS, a classic “call-back-to-the-start-of-the-movie” one-liner will always go a long way. The “freezing” effect may not hold up to today’s standards, but once Phoenix is essentially a block of ice then it looks pretty good. Let’s not forget a Stallone staple: slow-motion running!

1. Would You Like to Have Sex?

Definitely the funniest part of Demolition Man. We’re just as confused as John Spartan is with Huxley’s concept of “sex”. The “Love Boat” is a nice touch. Stallone has always handled comedy pretty well, and this scene is a prime example of it.

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