Top 10 Moments: Drive

Top 10 Moments: Drive

Those who have seen “Drive” already know: it’s a gem of a movie. With a solid cast all around (including Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston in a supporting role), an amazing soundtrack and great acting, it comes highly recommended. For those who haven’t seen it – watch it first before reading this Top 10. There be SPOILERS ahead!

10. Welcome Home

Irene is hosting a party for the return of Benicio’s father but is thinking about Driver. Driver is next door thinking about Irene. Ah, this fickle thing called love. It’s written all over Irene’s face that she isn’t in that room mentally and Carey Mulligan does a great job of it.

9. Driver/Standard’s First Meet

Oscar Isaac does such a good job of playing unlikable characters. Even though this scene is quick and not very flashy, you can see the underlying dislike Standard has for Driver when they first meet. Isaac’s little throwaway line of “Have a good night” is so well played with just the right amount of restrained sarcasm and hostility.

8. The Deal

Albert Brooks does a great job as Bernie and the climactic meeting between him and Driver is well put together.

7. Opening Credits

Yes, these opening credits are actually pretty darned routine if you’re talking just visuals. The only real reason the opening credits are on this list is for the track that plays OVER said visuals.

6. Nino’s Night

Can you imagine being at a party, looking out the window and seeing that face staring in? Also, how much does Ron Perlman look like Will Ferrell in this scene? Just me?

5. Motel Room Hit

It’s a pretty brutal scene, with some quick thinking on Driver’s part. The visual representation of Ryan Gosling’s character going to a dark place emotionally and physically is perfectly represented at the end of the scene as he slowly backs away behind the corner and into the shadows.

4. Elevator

The subtle lighting change to focus in on the moment as Driver and Irene embrace is perfect.  It’s almost as if Gosling’s character wants to prove how he truly feels before he does what he has to do. Knowing Irene will be appalled with him in a few short minutes.

3. Chase

Oddly enough for a movie called “Drive” there isn’t a whole lot of driving going on, but this chase scene is worth the spotlight. I don’t think the pursuers were expecting to be chasing a professional stunt driver.

2. Opening Scene

Right away we get to watch Driver at work. The underlying music throughout the entire sequence is perfect. Nothing like a little suspense to get it started.

1. Do You Wanna See Something?

As with a few other scenes on this list, what makes it is the music. “A Real Hero” seems like it was written purely for this scene. The quick nervous/excited glances exchanged between Driver and Irene illustrates a slowly forming relationship between them which includes Irene’s son Benicio.


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