Top 10 Moments: Independence Day

Top 10 Moments: Independence Day

10. Welcome Wagon

Independence Day begins with a first act that’s full of ‘what if’ moments.  What would happen if aliens actually flew into our atmosphere.  How would we communicate?  What kind of panic would it cause?  It’s a fun exploration at first but everything turned the second the welcome wagon lifted off.

9. Mommy is Sleeping

I don’t know about you but this scene pulled on my heart strings.  In the middle of an alien invasion, the film manages to inject an emotion character moment for President Whitmore.  How do you tell your child that their mother has passed?

8. World Wide Fire Clouds

It would have been easy to have city sized alien ships fly through the sky.  Instead, director Roland Emmerich shows restraint by engulfing the ships in fire and smoke.  It adds a level of mystery to the film’s intriguing first act.

It also fascilitates one of the most impressive moments of the film when the ships are finally revealed.

7. Release Me

We interupt this blockbuster science fiction film to bring you a horror scene featuring a tentacled bio suit and an aggresive telepathic alien.  Stupid locust.

…  No peace…

6. The Fat Lady

“We’re not hit! Stop side seat driving!”

This entire sequence is what made this movie so much fun.  We all wanted to see inside the mother ship and it definitely looked like they were preparing an invasion.  I’m curious if that enormous alien army was bored…  How long were they standing there?

5. What the hell is that smell!?

Bad Boys allowed Will Smith to enter the movie realm during his enormously popular TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  But it was Independence Day that sent his career to the stratosphere thanks to scenes like these.

4. July 3rd

Check mate.

When the aliens finally attack the destruction is absolutely devastating.  The action sequence is one of the most iconic in cinematic history highlighted by the explosive demolition of the White House.

3. Hello boys! I’m baaaaaack!

Good thing he sobered up!  Russel Casse is certainly a unique character who manages to save the world days after getting wasted and dusting the wrong crop.  Did Lucas’ farm ever get dusted?  It may be on the other side of town but he paid good money no?

2. The Speech

If you Google the best movie speeches of all time, President Whitmore’s legendary ‘pep talk’ is always mentioned.  It’s a speech that transcends the impending annihilation of the human race offering a social commentary on real world issues.

“We can’t be consummed by our petty differences anymore.”

1. Welcome to Earth

The Speech has every right to be number 1 on this list so I’m going to cheat and call it a tie.  When it comes to the best moments of Independence Day, this is as bad ass as it gets.

An ALIEN jumps out at Captain Steven Hiller.  Put yourself in his shoes?  I would shriek and fall backwards off the ship eating a mouthful of sand as I landed.

Ol’ Mike Lowry Steven Hiller doesn’t even flinch and punches the alien in the FACE!

For that you get the number one spot.  Even though it’s technically a tie.

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