Top 10 Moments: Memento

Top 10 Moments: Memento

This movie is brilliant, and I’m still not sure how it isn’t on my Top 5 list of all time.

Never before had I seen a movie presented like this. The story Jonathan Nolan came up with and the way his brother Christopher portrayed it is pure genius. The cast is solid, headlined by Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano. The music is effective, the use of black and white and color, the constant mystery and trying to piece the events in order in your head…it’s all gold.

It’s tough to break up something like this into ten different moments as we’re only getting small pieces of a larger whole one at a time, but here are the Top 10 Moments from Memento.

10. Tattoo Reveal

We saw that Lenny had a few tattoos but then when he reveals them all over his chest, arms, and torso – we really see that this guy has some issues. (And a system!)

9. I Don’t…Feel Drunk

One of several quiet moments that are actually quite humorous. And let’s be honest, if we were in his position, wouldn’t we be asking the exact same questions? Trying to piece together what exactly is going on?

8. Chase or Being Chased?

Right? Again…how is one to know?

7. Ferdy’s Bar

Natalie: What’s the last thing you remember?

Lenny: My wife…

Natalie: That’s sweet.

Lenny: ….dying.

It’s not funny…but it’s funny! Pearce’s delivery of the line is perfect. And I guess Natalie had to be sure of Lenny’s condition, but did she really have to resort to spitting in his beer to test him? Also – isn’t she taking a bit of a risk serving him the beer that soon after their “contributions”? How does she know when his memory resets?

6. Verbal Assault

This was…ruthless. To say some of the things Natalie says to Lenny really shows what kind of person she is. Sure, she’s right, he won’t remember any of it shortly – but to go there the way she did is unforgivable. She’s clearly only interested in looking out for her interests and taking advantage of Lenny to do her dirty work.

5. Remembering to Forget

A sad and touching moment. You can’t really blame him for doing what he’s doing either, how else will he finally be able to let go?

4. Flashback

We finally see what started this whole sad scenario with Lenny in motion. Seeing his wife in that bag with the condensation from her breath forming is slightly chilling.

3. Time For My Shot

Poor Sammy. Sure, his wife REALLY wanted to test him, but had she truly exhausted all other avenues? Something like that makes one think about what it would be like to live with a condition like Sammy & Lenny’s, and how important it would be to find someone you can absolutely trust.

2. Opening Scene

It’s a great opening. The picture UN-developing. Actions on screen literally moving backwards, in a way perhaps preparing the viewer for what’s to come regarding the way this movie is going to be told. This man executing another man mere minutes into the film. It would be damned near impossible not to stick around for the rest of the story after a start like that.

1. The Finale

Finally – all our questions are answered.

Or are they?

It’s still hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction. Either way though, there’s been this build up of tension and curiosity over the past hour and forty-five minutes that’s just begging for a resolution. It’s interesting to note that chronologically, this is practically the beginning of the story.

A truly great movie and still holds up as one of Christopher Nolan’s best pieces of work.

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