Top 10 Moments: Oblivion

Top 10 Moments: Oblivion

In 2013, director Joseph Kosinski followed up his directorial debut of TRON: Legacy with the Tom Cruise action/mystery/sci-fi flic Oblivion.

I remember seeing the ad campaign for this movie and it looked interesting, but I never managed to get out to see it in theaters. Once I did see it however, I wish I HAD seen it on the big screen.

Full of great special effects, fantastic vistas and a gripping story, as a sci-fi fan I was very impressed. What put me over the top was the orchestral soundtrack by M83. The music is beautiful when it needs to be, but can also be haunting and mysterious. Getting back to the story, I recall having several conversations regarding the plot, and every time I watch Oblivion it makes me think. I think that is a necessary quality in making a good movie.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from Oblivion.

10. Ramble On

So it turns out Jack has a little hidden paradise that no one knows about. It looks fantastic, I can see why he doesn’t want to leave Earth.

What gets me the most is we don’t get the payoff of Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” in this scene. We leave before we get to that amazing chorus!

9. I’m Your Wife

Pieces are starting to fall to fall together here, even though we don’t exactly know what the full picture is yet.

Quite a creative way to propose. Kudos, Jack.

8. Scav Attack

At this point we don’t exactly know what Jack is fighting, but they look intimidating. Using what looks to be an old library as the setting was a good call, all the paper on the floor was a nice touch. Nice last-minute timing from the drone. Good thing Jack has extra weapons back at his outpost!

7. Survivors

Hmmm, the plot thickens!

Victoria seems almost beside herself with concern and worry over this fallen craft. She’s been so conditioned by routine that this event has totally thrown her for a loop. Jack however, seems to have an unconscious feeling things aren’t quite right and has to satisfy his curiosity. The love/hate relationship with the drones seems to continue!

6. Canyon Battle

Not sure about you, but this has a bit of “Star-Wars-Trench-Run” feel to it; perhaps it’s just the narrow space and the three pursuing drones that results in that comparison.

Regardless, it’s an exciting scene and we get to see Jack’s prowess at the controls. M83’s soundtrack ramps up to an exiting pace here, and the sound design for this movie was excellent as well.

5. Double Jacks

This is one of those moments where I really started to realize there was more going on than I had been led to believe. The choreography and camera angles used are very effective in keeping up the impression that there are indeed to Tom Cruise’s fighting each other.

4. Ship on Approach

Here we get the missing puzzle pieces to the story and we can really start putting things together.

Looks like it wasn’t much of a stretch to apply Victoria’s affection for Jack to her clones, as she clearly seems to have had something for him all along. The size of alien ship is immense, and you can definitely see it when compared to humanity’s tiny little vessel.

3. Drone Awakens

So…Jack’s project was functional all along. “Sally” has had a drone ready and waiting all this time right in Jack’s home should anything go wrong – which it did. Too bad the drone wasn’t counting on Jack getting some help from Julia.

2. Coming Home

Ah yes, the closing scene. The casting of the little girl is perfect. Julia has made a nice little life for her and her daughter, and it’s about to get a whole lot more crowded.

1. F*ck You, Sally

What a great line for a great moment. Coupled with the surging score, an immense feeling of triumph can be felt – in spite of the sacrifice it took to get there. Earth (or what’s left of it) is free once again.

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