Top 10 Moments: Star Trek: First Contact

Top 10 Moments: Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: First Contact is without question, the best of the TNG movies. It was only a matter of time before The Borg made the jump to the big screen, and it delivered.

With some great direction from Jonathan Frakes, a brand new Enterprise and a fantastic orchestral score, this Trek adventure is everything we had been hoping for as a follow up to the disappointing Generations. We also can’t forget the new uniforms, among the best looking threads we’ve ever seen in the Star Trek universe.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from Star Trek: First Contact.

10. Blast Off

Using Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” was a fantastic choice for the launch. Having Cochrane lead us to thinking there is a much more critical problem just seconds before is a great example of the humor his character brought to the film.

9. Borg Attack

A solid start to the movie. Getting to see the Defiant fight the Borg (the exact reason that ship was designed and constructed) was a smart way of tying together the universes Star Trek has created. Not to mention is perfectly sets up the arrival of the Enterprise. (Another positive: using the Klingon theme from The Original Series movies. First Contact had it all going right!)

8. First Contact

We finally witness a monumental event in Star Trek’s history.

7. 39.1 Degrees Celsius

Picard knows exactly what is going on aboard his ship (and it isn’t good) as he walks down the steam-filled hallway with members of his senior staff following. A great shot with an eerie feeling to it.

6. Captain Ahab

Picard shows more emotion here than he did in the entire seven year run of television series combined.


5. They’ve Adapted!

Things are going from bad to worse. It was only a matter of time…
(Side note: Worf is on point throughout the entire movie. It’s nice to see him be allowed to let loose and exercise his skills to the fullest.)

4. If You Were Any Other Man…

Picard is playing with fire here.

The look Worf gives him after being called a coward is just a slight step down from actually BEING killed. While it’s hard to think that Worf would actually kill anyone else that calls him a coward, we also know that no one else except Picard could get away with the insult.

3. Holodeck Shootout

Picard in a full suit unloading on a Borg with a Tommy Gun is pretty much all you have to say.

Nice cameo from Ethan Phillips (Neelix) as the man working the door at the bar.

2. Resistance is Futile

Whether we really thought Data was completely under the Borg Queen’s influence is up to the individual viewer, but one thing we know for sure is he sure knew how to shut her down. Hard.

Perhaps the best rendition of the line “Resistance is futile” ever given. Data’s willingness to sacrifice himself for his Captain and his ship further goes to show just how human this character really is.

1. Deflector Dish Battle

A fantastic sequence. Getting the crew into a zero gravity environment was something that was too expensive to do for the television series, but was perfectly executed for the silver screen. Seeing Picard, Worf and Hawk walk the hull of the Enterprise-E went a long way to help us understand the size and scope of this new starship.

Leave it to good ‘ol Worf to be prepared for any contingency by packing a blade. “Assimilate this.” is a great one liner and very Schwarzenegger-esque.

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