Top 10 Moments: Star Trek: Generations

Top 10 Moments: Star Trek: Generations

Star Trek: Generations has had it rough. It isn’t exactly a fan favorite, it kills off Kirk, and it crashes the Enterprise-D. But someone wanted a Trek feature to pass the baton from The Original Series over to The Next Generation on the silver screen, and this is what we got.

But it isn’t all bad. Located within this movie are some good moments, both from our old crew and new. Here are the Top 10 Moments from Star Trek: Generations.

10. Stellar Cartography

A fantastic new set created for Generations. Stellar Cartography would have an even bigger presence on Voyager, but it is first introduced here. Basically Google maps in a large warp-around room. But stars. And planets. And also the setting for some intense discussion between Data and Picard.

9. Dill.

Kirk is waaaay too wrapped up in the Nexus to hear what Picard has to say. The way the senior Captain orders around the bridge boss of the D within the kitchen is pretty good and classic Kirk. Everything else be damned when he has his mind set on something.

In this case: eggs.

8. Wont’ Be Installed Until Tuesday

Yes, it’s a little inconceivable that Starfleet would send out the new Federation flagship without all it’s components and systems fully installed and running at 100% but…it is the source of some levity in the early scenes of the movie.

7. Worf’s Promotion

Great use of the holodeck, and FINALLY – a well deserved promotion for Mr. Worf! A little overdue, no??

There wasn’t any doubt Worf was going to be able to grab that hat and still maintain his balance on that plank…

6. Make A Difference

Kirk finally comes around to what the Nexus really is.

No doubt a tough thing for him to admit, but we knew Kirk wasn’t the type to live out the rest of this life in something that wasn’t real. True, he may have gotten a little hard on himself when it comes to his opinion on what he’s contributed regrading his own past, but it also shows that he always wants to do the right thing, and “make a difference”.

5. Humor! I love it!

Data’s use of his emotion chip throughout the movie was memorable, especially when it came to humor. After watching this character struggle with such a complex human emotion for seven years, it was nice to see Data finally get to be the one who was providing the laughs.

4. Bird of Prey Attack

Yeah, it’s one beat-up Klingon Bird of Prey versus the Federation flagship U.S.S. Enterprise-D –  but it makes for an entertaining battle. A sharp eye will notice a few shots of the exploding Bird of Prey are re-used from previous Star Trek features. Hey, gotta save money where you can, right?

3. Kirk vs. Soran

The fact that we have to accept that this obsessed individual who can’t let go of a fantasy world is the one that brings down Captain Kirk once and for all aside – it was a nice way for the Cap to go out.

One final fight, one final scuffle, one final exchange of fisticuffs that was one of Kirk’s signatures from back in his TOS days.

“He’s James T. Kirk. Don’t you read history?”

2. Saucer Crash

Once TNG made the move to the big screen, we knew it was only a matter of time before we got a new ship. But how would we part ways with the D?

With a bang, that’s how.

Overlooking the fact that the Enterprise-D is destroyed by only a few torpedoes where it had endured much larger attacks in the past, one has to admit that it was one heckuva way to go out.

1. Kirk’s Death

It took a while to get there, (re-shoots) but regardless of how it was done, the emotional weight of the death of Captain James T. Kirk still remains.

We say good-bye the the legend that was the Captain of the Enterprise. Shatner’s performance is spot on, as we watch him reflect on all his experiences and his entire life in only a few mere moments. A character who wasn’t afraid to live and face the unknown, now faces the greatest unknown of all: death. His realization of that as it’s happening is perfect.

R.I.P. Captain Kirk!

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