Top 10 Moments: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Top 10 Moments: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Paramount Pictures took a big chance on letting Leonard Nimoy direct his first ever feature film, and boy did it pay off. Thanks to the great success of “The Wrath of Khan”, Star Trek returned with “The Search for Spock”.

After a cameo appearance at the start of “The Motion Picture”, the Klingons finally get the full silver screen treatment. They are a highlight throughout the film, reminding us all why they make such great villains. We see the introduction of a few more new ships, and this won’t be the last time we see the Excelsior.

The journey our heroes take to rescue one of their own is full of great moments, and we’ve collected the best ones. Here are the Top 10 Moments from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

10. Mr. Adventure

This was Uhura’s moment, and she owns it. She manipulates the eager kid just right, and when the time came, wasn’t afraid to show some teeth. I would have loved to have seen how this scene plays out after she beams Kirk and Co. to the Enterprise.

9. Don’t Call Me Tiny

In the same light as Uhura, this was Sulu’s time and shows that he is someone you don’t mess with! (Also, before Sulu tosses a guy over his shoulder – Kirk using the Vulcan salute on Bones to check how many fingers he can see…fantastic.)

8. Self-Destruct

Phew. What a moment. Sure there have been multiple refits, but this is the same Enterprise from the pilot episode in The Original Series. The ship was as much of a character as the crew was. It also may or may not have been Kirk’s love interest since he took command, and his willingness to destroy it in the name of saving Spock shows just how deep and true his loyalty is to his Vulcan friend.

7. Escape from Genesis

True, an extremely brief moment, but a strong moment none-the-less. Kirk’ mission is halfway home as all the hard parts are done. Now it’s just getting his friend back to Vulcan. There is a sense of success as he tricks Maltz into beaming him up off the planet.

6. I Have Had Enough Of You!

Commander Kruge has been a thorn in Kirk’s side for long enough. The subtle head turn in frustration/exasperation before kicking Kruge squarely in the face is spot on. It’s almost a gesture of “You’ve left me no choice, pal. You won’t leave well enough alone, and now this is happening.”

5. David’s Death

Big moment here for Kirk. Nimoy’s decision to let William Shatner decide how the captain would react to his own son’s death was a great call, and it was executed perfectly.

4. McCoy Hiring a Ride

DeForest Kelley kills it in this scene, and the security officer he is playing off of is great too. That look he gives McCoy while he is trying the neck pinch is gold. While this otherworldly bar doesn’t exactly compare to the cantina in another science fiction franchise, the attempt is there. How about them Tribbles making their big screen debut!

3. Klingon Deal

Right away we get a feel for the kind of villain Christopher Lloyd’s Commander Kruge is. Yes, “Back to the Future” fans, that is indeed Doc Brown under those cranial ridges, and he is a natural. Where Kruge was going, he didn’t need roads…just a Bird of Prey and the plans to Genesis!

2. Battle With the Klingons

“Grissom, this is Enterprise, do you read…”

And so begins a quick but exciting battle between a severely undermanned Enterprise and Kruge’s Bird of Prey. The rising suspense and tension is executed really well, and James Horner’s soundtrack has just as much impact on the scene as the volley of fire between the two vessels.

1. Stealing the Enterprise

It’s Kirk and the gang STEALING their former ship, the ship they served on for so many years, right out of spacedock. Doesn’t Scotty, Sulu and Chekov giving their loyalty to Kirk get a little lump in your throat? All those years of service and trust culminating in standing together when it’s needed most? Captain Styles filing his nails in his cabin is a great touch, not to mention his over-confidence. How about those funky chairs on the Excelsior bridge? And at the risk of being repetitive…how about that music??

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