Top 10 Moments: Star Trek: Insurrection

Top 10 Moments: Star Trek: Insurrection

There’s been a lot of hate over the years for Star Trek: Insurrection. The story was weak. If felt like an episode, not a feature film. The Riker Maneuver.

Fortunately that opinion is not shared here. Insurrection came off as a fun ride, with some good humor and a great orchestral score. Director Jonathan Frakes wasn’t afraid to take a few chances, including shaving off the beard for the first time since Season 1.

It is with that outlook that we present the Top 10 Moments from Star Trek: Insurrection.

10. Gorch

Yes, Worf is basically a walking punchline in Insurrection, but one has to admit that the “Gorch” idea is pretty good.

9. Data Takes a Walk

A sequence that probably would have been too difficult or expensive to pull off on the television series, but a fun one to see here. They make waterproof phones now, among other things, so why not? Seems conceivable.

8. Skin Test

A bit of a nasty process, but then again when has altering ones skin not been a little unsettling? Surely there has to be a better way in the future to look younger than continually stretch ones face…

7. Crew Support

Yes, it smells like a bit of cheese having the cliche “you’re not going anywhere without us and our help”, but it works nonetheless. Picard has definitely loosened up, as it’s hard to picture the clear cut Captain trying to pull something like this off during the tv series. It’s not exactly “by the book”.

6. Holoship

Anytime you have a tense scene trying to decipher deep laid plans with the camera rotating around the actors in a 360 degree motion, it’s going to look good. Also, just the idea is pretty intriguing….that would have to be one heck of a big ship though to accommodate all the Ba’ku though, no? What if one of the people wanted to leave the village and go for a walk during transport aboard the ship?

Jerry Goldsmith’s music should get a shout out here as well.

5. Data’s Floating Head

Not a bad way to open up the movie, even if the idea of a malfunctioning Data isn’t exactly the most original idea at this point. Can you imagine being a kid though and witnessing all this? No wonder the little guy was weary of Data after this incident.

4. The Riker Maneuver

Yes…I get it. Riker using a joystick to control and steer the ship is one of the most ridiculous things Star Trek: The Next Generation has ever done. But sometimes…one just has to let go and have some fun.

In no way does this ruin the movie for me, nor am I opposed to it. The joystick makes a brief appearance for a few minutes, then is never heard from or referenced to again. In fact, this scene remains more memorable for the camaraderie, understanding and most importantly the trust shown between Riker and Geordi. After all their experiences working together, each one practically already knows what the other one is thinking before they say it. There is such chemistry there between the two characters, it’s admirable and just the way it should be between two old friends and shipmates. Long live The Riker Maneuver!

3. Gilbert & Sullivan

Insurrection doesn’t shy away from humor, and it certainly continues in this sequence. Even if as the viewer you aren’t aware of who Gilbert & Sullivan are, Picard lets us in on the joke, and it’s a good payoff.

Any why not distract Data with a little sing-a-long? The juxtaposition of singing showtunes while the small ships are dangerously flying around is a nice touch.

2. Sunrise

For the fans that have been with TNG since the beginning, this moment is truly appreciated and our feelings go out to Geordi. LeVar Burton plays this touching scene perfectly. It is a beautiful quick little moment, but holds a lot of meaning.

1. Final Battle

A lot of good moments as the tension mounts, the Enterprise is trying to come to the rescue and Picard gets his hero moment. Once again, Jerry Goldsmith’s great score is in full force. For what it’s worth, F. Murray Abraham did a good job as the villain throughout Insurrection.

(P.S. Don’t hold your breath for a Star Trek: Nemesis Top 10 Moments countdown.)

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