Top 10 Moments: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Top 10 Moments: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Let’s see, “Star Trek” is on a bit of a roll here after two huge successes, Leonard Nimoy killed it directing “The Search for Spock”, do we let him helm a fourth feature film in the franchise?

Hell ya!

“The Voyage Home” isn’t like the other Star Trek films. There is no bad guy. There is no killing. There is however, time-travel – and plenty of humor. You don’t really have to be a hard core fan to enjoy this film, as the story is broad enough for everyone to appreciate it. Some people may have been surprised that “Star Trek” could pull off humor, but it’s always been there and they have always been capable of it. Nimoy’s second go-around at directing a feature was just as good as his first, even though this time around he had a lot more to do in front of the camera playing Spock. You’re guaranteed to have a great time watching this movie. Here are the Top 10 Moments from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

10. Reduced in Rank

Let’s be honest: Kirk was never happy as an Admiral. He belongs “out there”, in command of his own ship. And in a strange twist of discipline, he gets exactly what he wants – with a brand new Enterprise to boot! (Why haven’t we ever seen any other ships with the -A, -B suffix in any of the other Star Trek incarnations? They got a new Defiant in Deep Space Nine, why wasn’t that called the Defiant-A?)

9. Gracie’s Pregnant

Catherine Hicks did a pretty good job as Gillian, even though she seems to buy Kirk & Spock’s story a little too easily for some people. Regardless of that, this conversation in the truck sets the tone for their relationship throughout the rest of the movie. Once again – Spock is hitting all the funny parts at the right moment with his subtle dialogue.

8. Chekov Interrogation

Chekov was a bit of an afterthought and didn’t have much to do in “The Search for Spock”, so Nimoy made sure to make it up to Walter Koenig in this one. He was successful.

7. Whale Hunt

The tension rises as the evil whale hunters move in on George and Gracie! The reaction of the whalers as the Klingon Bird of Prey de-cloaks above them is perfect.

6. The Plan

It’s fun to see how quick Kirk jumps on Spock’s idea, where McCoy is a bit of the realist in this situation and can already anticipate what Kirk is going to say. Spock’s line of “Yes Doctor. That is exactly what I said.” is great humor. Who says Spock can’t be a funny character?

5. Swimming With the Whales

Kirk’s reaction is absolutely priceless. Of course Spock doesn’t see the big deal. What he’s doing is just logical!

4. Nuclear Wessels

The fact that the only person who tries to really help Chekov and Uhura was an actual real person off the street is dynamite. Nimoy made a great decision in going “candid camera” style and letting Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig improvise on the street. It was the only way to get a genuine, real reaction and it worked perfectly.

3. Double dumb-ass on you!

Learning how to swear, 20th century style. Keep an eye on Sulu afterwards, he goes for the “intimidating point” move as the car goes by.

2. Miracle Worker

Scotty is pure gold in this scene. Can you blame him for not knowing how to use an ancient computer? (It looks ancient by today’s standards for crying out loud!)

1. Punk Rocker Nerve Pinch

How many times have you wanted to do this to someone?? (Side note: that song sounds awesome.)

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