Top 10 Moments – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Top 10 Moments – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Ah, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (ST:TMP)

It could easily have been called: Star Trek: The Motionless Picture.

It’s safe to say that Star Trek’s first foray into film wasn’t the most exciting experience. Some have described it as one long massive special effect shot. (They wouldn’t be wrong.) The pastel colored uniforms were awful. The story was slow and the acting seemed stiff and unnatural. Despite all that though, it did get made, and it did pave the way for more Star Trek on the silver screen. If you look deep enough, there are actually a handful of good moments within ST:TMP. Here are the Top 10 Moments from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

10. Thattaway

Honestly? It’s one of the only times in the entire film the dialogue doesn’t feel scripted and rigid and the true personality of the characters we came to know during The Original Series finally breaks through. Shame it happens within the last 8 seconds of the film.

9. Transporter Malfunction

As an audience we’ve always been told that the transporter could malfunction with devastating results…we just never really see it that often. (This scene may have carried more weight if we knew or cared more about the characters in danger, but hey.) It was also nice to see Janice Rand back in the Star Trek universe again.

8. Kirk Needs McCoy

Soooooo, how about that beard on McCoy??

Bones’ character never fails to bring some emotion to the table, and in a movie filled with some pretty bleak performances, his was a breath of fresh air from time to time.

7. Spock Walk

Yeah, it kinda drags on for a bit, with yet again just more and more special effects shots but at least something is happening.

6. “Spock…transmit now!”

The calm, cool demeanor of Spock has always contrasted well against Kirk’s emotional side and we get a taste of what we’re used to in this scene.”Spock…..SPOCK…….Spock!” It almost gets comical.

5. Light Probe

Definitely one of the more interesting ways we’ve ever seen the Enterprise or the crew be scanned for information. After having the probe and the ambiance it brings with it on the bridge for a few minutes, the silence is almost deafening once it finally leaves.

4. The Enterprise

Yeah, this sequence takes almost 6 full minutes of screen time but seriously: have you ever seen the Enterprise look better up to this point? Jerry Goldsmith’s excellent score is featured and soars in place of any dialogue.

3. V’Ger Reveal

After about 2 hours we finally get to the heart of what is really going on and who this mysterious “V’Ger” is. What really sells it is the growing music in the background leading up to the final reveal.

2. Wormhole

One of the few “action” sequences that take place, and yet another showcase of all the special effects they poured into the film. Despite what is trying to be a very dangerous situation, one can’t help but chuckle at the slowed down voices and movements.

1. Klingon Attack

Hands down the best part of the movie, and it’s too bad it all takes place within the opening 5 minutes. Jerry Goldsmith’s Klingon theme is heard for the first time here and would be heard many more times throughout Star Trek’s history. This also marks the first time the Klingons have been on screen with the cranial ridges (although at this point they are all the same and aren’t unique to each individual). Another tidbit: the actor playing the Klingon commander is Mark Lenard, aka Sarek, Spock’s father. Having also played a Romulan during The Original Series, Lenard was the first person in the Star Trek universe to play 3 different species.

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