Top 10 Moments: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Top 10 Moments: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

It would have been pretty hard to follow up the trilogy of extremely successful movies that was Star Trek’s II – IV, and unfortunately “The Final Frontier” was doomed from the start.

The story went through many iterations to try and please the studio heads, a writer’s strike effected pre-production, and there were budget cuts to many key points in the film (most notably the climax). None of these things helped William Shatner in his feature film directing debut. The result was extremely underwhelming, and quite possibly the worst of The Original Series movies. Add to that, it seemed like the humor that made Star Trek IV so successful was forced in this outing, turning some of our beloved heroes into cartoon characters. Also, Captain Kirk’s anger with Spock seemed wrong from the start.

Despite all these shortcomings, a series of Top 10’s has been started, and must continue. Here are the Top 10 Moments from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

10. Klingons

Wellllll….they were kinda Klingons.

They LOOKED like Klingons. However it seemed like they were just behaving how they thought Klingons should act.

At least Bird’s-of-Prey are always cool.

9. Uhura’s Song

Lest we forget, Uhura has a few singing scenes back in The Original Series! Those performances were really her back then. This one was not, but was still fun regardless.

8. Emergency Plan B

A quick, fun little action scene with the kind of humor we expected from these characters. One of the few “real” jokes in the movie. Once again, the years of history and service together led to Scotty knowing exactly what Kirk was trying to say.

7. Camping Out

While there are humorous parts throughout and it’s a good concept, can one thing be explained? Dating back to The Original Series, (and all other incarnations for that matter), the wardrobe department has bent over backwards – sometimes in ridiculous fashion – to present “futuristic” clothing. Anything to try and show that this is the future. Whether it be for business or pleasure, even the clothing has changed over the hundreds of years that have passed.

So why was all that thrown out the window and Kirk & McCoy are hanging out in jeans???

6. Assault on Paradise City

Not a bad action sequence, considering. Spock doing the Vulcan neck pinch on a horse is pretty funny.

5. Spock Sees a “Ghost”

The look of recognition on Spock’s face when the hostage video is freeze-framed on Sybok’s face is a good, genuine moment. The fact that Spock all of a sudden has a long lost half-brother we’ve never heard of until now seems odd, but we move on.

4. McCoy’s Pain

Kudos to DeForest Kelley in this scene, as the situation his character was faced with would be hard for anyone to live with. It almost felt like a privelege to watch an extremely personal moment like a final, touching good-bye between father and son.

3. Desert Opening

These opening moments are actually pretty good, perhaps because there is no dialogue for the first little bit. There is a brief air of mystery and desperation.

2. Going Through the Barrier

This entire sequence is basically all about Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack. It was a saving grace throughout the film.

1. Climbing the Mountain

Some good things are happening here. The dialogue is pretty solid and the stunt team did a great job with all the rigging fooling the audience as to which way was “down.”

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